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Introducing Singer-Songwriter QUARTZ


Introducing Singer-Songwriter QUARTZ

Meet 19 year old Neo-Soul Artist QUARTZ

It seems practically impossible to be both a college student and a professional musician. I mean, how in the hell can you fit all that work into a simple 24 hour day? Well rising artist Jada “QUARTZ” Nycole has managed to do just that.

Hailing from Detroit Michigan, based at Spelman College in Atlanta GA, QUARTZ is a young artist about her business. Her voice and style revive the era of neo-soul music, bringing back those true R&B vibes our generation is in need of.  After hitting the stage as an opening act for Chrisette Michelle this past year, QUARTZ has continued to build her brand from the ground up. Just last week she released her debut EP entitled “SIO2”, and we just had to pick her brain about her new music.



What is the meaning behind your name Quartz?

The name QUARTZ. just comes from this obsession that I’ve always had with crystals and stones. I felt as though it embodied my aesthetic with its appearance as well as its power.

What was your inspiration for this EP?

My inspiration was literally my summer romance. The first song that came for this EP was (U)p., that was what kicked it all off. I wrote that during a really awkward space in my love life and I really gave it a lot of my time and exerted all of the energy I got from it into that song. And from there more songs came (many of which did not make the EP). The situation just pushed me into my art and out came an entire EP.

Which was your favorite song to make and why?

My favorite song to make on this EP was (U)p. Again it was the kickstart for the EP so it all happened after my summer romance. It just felt really great to be able to exert all of my time and energy into something that I love. I also had the most fun making this song because I started to challenge myself. I challenged myself to add different components into one song,  which is something that I’ve never done in my past music. It was just really fun to see myself try so many different things in my music.

Hardest part about making the EP?

Finding the time. Right now I’m starting my junior year at Spelman and it’s been a hot mess so far. Honestly between doing work, going to work,having different interests and being apart of different organizations is hard to balance so finding the time to write and record became difficult.

Who are a few artist you’d love to collab with one day? 

I would love to work with so many artists (OMG). There’s just so many black women artists that I would love to collab with and just sit under and be a mentee . Artists such as NAO, Noname, and even Me’shelle Ndegecello and Erykah Badu if I’m worthy.

What do you want your listeners to understand about you as an artist? 

I want my listeners to understand that I am and can only ever be my true authentic self, unapologetically. I will never shield and hide what I have to say whether its about my personal situations or what’s going on in the world.

Take a listen to SIO2 HERE!

Stay up to date and follow QUARTZ!

Instagram: @quartzdot

Twitter: @quartzdot

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