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We have our eyes and ears on Jersey rapper Russ, and you should too!

#WHO: Jersey stand up! Russ is not only the first Italian rapper peeping the interest of the hip-hop scene, but the only Italian rapper that I’ve seen with flow, and style….e’ illuminata! That’s Italian for, it’s lit and you need to get on this artist’s before he gets too big for you to claim the title of a day one fan.

#WHY: On the first go around, Russ comes across as a Jersey brother with the flow of a contemporary rapper. Alongside bass and hi-hats, you can’t help but nod your head to his rhymes while driving down the shore. Since his inception in 2014 via Soundcloud , Russ has garnered over 40 million listeners world wide. He most recently pleased his followers with his hit single “What They Want” giving the people…what they wanted.

His sound is unique yet familiar at the same time. Think of a Jersey Nipsey Hussle, inspired by 50 Cent, with a dash of Eminem. The production is pleasing to the ear and his flow stays respecting the beat. Man has style, don’t believe me? Check the vocals plus visuals on his music videos for What They Want and Do It Myself.

#WHAT’SNEW: Russ hopes to one day collaborate with Drake, Kanye, and more. Based on his consistent material, that dream may one day come to fruition. Russ has released various mixtapes and EP’s since 2013,  collaborating with artists such as G-Eazy and Waka Flocka Flame. Also given the moniker , Soundcloud God, Russ has released more singles since his breakthrough and is continuing to please crowds. Believe me, he is out there. Enjoy. Ciao!

Twitter: @russdiemon

Instagram: @russdiemon 

Facebook: Russ The One

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