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Are Detox Teas REALLY Healthy?


Are Detox Teas REALLY Healthy?

All of your favs are drinking detox teas… is it really safe for you to try?

 Before the reign of Instagram, many of us had no idea WTH a detox tea was. But now, tons of our favorite celebs are hawking these teas throughout the social media universe, as we desperately  long for their washboard abs.


I’m here to tell you not to buy into the hype, more specifically of the flat tummy tea or anything similar.

Most of these celebrities are paid well to endorse these products, despite not actually using the products themselves. Notice if you scroll down your feed at certain times of day, you see many of these celebrities posting around the same time. Coincidence? NOPE!

There are many articles out there that have stated that although these “teatoxes” are promising, they aren’t beneficial. Even Teen Vogue reported back in August:

“The golden rule of creating a healthy digestive tract is to never rely on a product for the relief of ailments like constipation, or that believing a supplement is going to detox your gut from harmful bacteria — they should always be considered as ‘in addition to’ a healthy diet.”

As you can see, detox teas alone, wont help you achieve the detoxification that you want. They don’t substitute for being active or having a healthy diet, and they certainly won’t solve your health issues if you are currently over-weight, have high blood pressure, or cholesterol (yes these are things that can affect people at a young age).

Keep in mind Detox teas/diets aren’t scientifically backed up. Some are mostly comprised of laxatives, and provide short term weight loss benefits. In other words… you just shed water weight. This is not the best strategy when looking for long term results. Also using detox teas can be harmful if done too much.

So why all the hype? We live in a culture that glorifies short-term solutions to long-term problems i.e. health. If you are looking to shed off those last 5-10 lbs, I suggest being patient and tweek your workout or your diet. In the meantime buy something bigger, get some new spanx or proudly rock what you’re workin’ with. No point in ingesting questionable ingredients in the name of vanity.

But if you are really striving to detox, make sure you read your labels. What are you about to put in your body? Make sure this product isn’t your be all to end all. Look for a clean brand that’s not pumped with fillers and chemicals, like the Yogi Tea brand, which is reputable and recommended by many holistic health coaches. Also make sure that you are following a detox meal plan as well.

Here are some safe teatoxes recommended by Shape magazine:


Remember detox teas are basically crash diets in hidden form. Be honest with yourself and what you are trying to achieve. Teas are supposed to help us get rid of harmful toxins, but to this day, that remains debatable.


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