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England delivers another gem with singer-songwriter, Frances.

#WHO: England does it again and presents another must-hear up and coming artist! Coming from Oxford is Sophie Frances, known by her stage name Frances. This singer-songwriter is pleasing ears, nourishing souls and most importantly….she is delivering.

#WHY: Frances may give calm and cooling vibes, but she is far from shy when it comes to presenting her vocals. Alongside her piano, she matches the tone of the acoustics thrown at her listeners with much fervor. Along with the vehemence of her songwriting, the crisp flow of singing draws you within the mood of the song. I must say, tissues are a must for a lot of what she has to give. Educated at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Frances learned to sharpen her sense of precision and stage presence. Her Single Don’t Worry About Me is a great example of her songwriting, production, confidence, and vocals, all of which assist in provoking the very sappy emotions you may try your best to hide. Believe me, you gone be touched on some sentimental type stuff.

#WHAT’SNEW: You are in such luck! Frances is due to release her first studio album this year on October 16th, however, the title of her album has yet to be announced. Her recent singles earned her nominations for a BRIT Award and a BBC Award, which can be found on her website She can also be found on Youtube’s VEVO channel, Spotify, Soundcloud, and of course right here! All this to say, you need to look her up like yesterday! Enjoy, trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Instagram: @frances_music

Twitter: @frances_music

Facebook: Frances

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