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Top Moments from the 2016 VMAs


Top Moments from the 2016 VMAs

Here are the biggest moments from the 2016 VMAs

Last night the hottest of the hottest celebrities gathered in Madison Square Garden to celebrate the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. This year was bound to bring a good show with Rihanna taking home the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, Kanye allotted four full minutes to be Kanye, A Britney comeback, AND a Beyoncé performance.

While the show may have skipped over vital moments like a Prince tribute, presidential candidate talk, or even one reliable host, we all still walked away with a few top moments to remember. Here are just a few

Beyoncé Steals the Show

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I can’t imagine how other artists must feel once they know Beyoncé is performing on the same stage as them, but I’m sure they start shaking in their boots. This woman knows how to steal a show. The Queen managed to snatch all attention from Rihanna as she recapped her ‘Lemonade’ live on stage for us all.

Rihanna Hits the Stage Not Once… But  Four Times!


Instead of slaying us in one performance before getting her Vanguard award, the pop star decided to takes us all on a journey down Fenty Memory Lane. In four separate performances, outfit and hair changes, she reminded us all how stellar the past 11 years of her career have been.

Kanye Gets 4 Minutes


I’m not going to lie, I was actually a little nervous once Kanye hit this stage. He is most known for his famous rants, which often leave everyone in the room either extremely intrigued or extremely uncomfortable. This year however, it seemed like Mr. West was at a lost for words, as he hinted at a few issues but didn’t dive too deep. Instead he dropped a spellbinding video for song “Fade” starring a scantily clad Teyana Taylor.


And after watching it, we all need to take our asses to the gym.

Who is the Host?


Was is DJ Khaled? Was it Key and Peele? Was it Nicole Buyers? Or was it Jay Pharaoh? When you find out, let us know.

Rihanna Friendzones Drake…. Or Did She?


Before presenting Rihanna with the Video Vanguard award, Drake delivered his reported boo thang a very heartfelt speech. He also casually mentioned that he’s been in love with Rih Rih since he was 22, leading us all to believe he was bound to propose right there! But Drake did not take one knee, much to our surprise, he instead attempted to lock lips with Rihanna on air. However when Drake went in for the kiss, Rihanna served up a diss!


Maybe she just didn’t want to get to sappy for the cameras. Or maybe we’re just catching a bad angle… Either way we’re still rooting for Drianna!


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