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My Top 5 Aaliyah Songs


My Top 5 Aaliyah Songs

Today marks 15 years since the passing of singer Aaliyah. To celebrate her life here are 5 of my favorite songs of hers.

When I was younger Aaliyah was one of the most influential R&B singers of our time. Her voice, her beauty, her talent, and her light was undeniable to anyone that encountered her, even if that encounter happened via watching her on television. There was something so transfixing and natural about her, and her music definitely played a large part in my growing up.

August 25th marks 15 years since her passing in 2001. To this day I can still remember where I was when I found out, and that gut wrenching feeling of wishing it was all a dream. However today instead of focusing on sadness, I want to honor her by jamming out to her music. So, to celebrate the life of a star gone too soon, here are my favorite songs by Aaliyah!

At Your Best (Let Me Know)

I know what you’re thinking, but to be clear I’m actually speaking of Aaliyah’s remix to her “At Your Best” cover. Strangely enough, I encountered the remix before I heard the original and I still prefer it to this day. Popularly known as “Let Me Know” this song is on her debut album “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

One In A Million

Who doesn’t love this song? It more than likely makes a cameo on everyone’s 90s Slow Jams playlist. “One In A Million” comes from Aaliyah’s second album of the same name.

I Care 4 U

I mean who didn’t sing along to this and think they sounded just as good as Aaliyah? Of course we never did, but this song brought out the inner R&B singer in all of us. This song is featured on Aaliyah’s 2002 album “I Care 4 U

Try Again

The famous Aaliyah-Timbaland collab was legendary for clear reasons, and this track was another masterpiece for the duo. “Try Again” was not only a hit on it’s own but was the lead single for the Romeo Must Die soundtrack, Aaliyah’s first major movie role.

I Don’t Wanna

When I finally mastered all of the lyrics to the first and second verse, I felt like a champion. This was before I had access to metro lyrics, so I literally paused and rewinded my CD player until I got it right. I’m still proud of myself for knowing all the words.

Come Over

Okay I know I said only 5, but it was HARD to narrow it down! I couldn’t finish this list without adding Come Over. I honestly can add about three more songs but I’ll spare you. This is another gem from Aaliyah’s last studio album “I Care 4 U”.


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