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What It’s Like to Date as a Minister

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What It’s Like to Date as a Minister

Minister Kristin Kimble shows us while it may be hard to date…. it’s not impossible.

Guest blog from The Dating Minister

“So how do you do the whole dating thing,” he asked me.

Its our second date, and I do recall discussing religion and mentioning that I was recently licensed as a minister at my church.  I go back and forth all the time whether this is a topic of discussion I should engage in so early in the “dating” process, but I did. So here in lies the question of MY LIFE!

“So how do you do the dating thing?”

My initial response in my head screams, “what does that really mean???!!!!” But of course I immediately know what they are asking, but I let them squirm around with it for a little bit. “You, know, how do you date as a minister?” In my mind I scream again, “The same way you date as a REGULAR PERSON!”

Now I am not a person who holds back much, so I cut right to the chase, “So you want to know whether or not I have sex before marriage?” When they finally catch their breath and close their mouths, they say, ” Yea.” And I have to go into my spill of being a Christian, loving God, and just really wanting to share that experience with my husband.

Don’t get me wrong, I love talking about God and I am absolutely not ashamed of the decision I have made to be celibate. Now am I perfect, or have I been perfect??, by no means, but its a standard that I am always striving for and set on a daily basis. Its a true struggle, but it gets easier as I grow and mature in Christ.

I am ready to be a wife, at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself. I feel like I have gotten my ducks in a semi- row and my mind is a place of partnership, submission, family, COOKING (because I really don’t like to cook!), and sharing experiences with someone for the rest of my life!

I don’t meet many men in every day life, like the grocery store, work, church, gym,etc, I’ve been told either they think I am already taken, or just simply intimating, whatever that means!! Not really into the bar, club scene, so where do I go next, the infamous on-line dating!

Yes, I have signed up, and even paid for a couple of different sites, but I’ve learned better. I do the free ones now, but I screen and pray, pray and screen! And let me just say, my experiences have been interesting, dating has been interesting, and dating as a minister has been even more interesting!

I figured I would share my experiences through a blogging outlet as many may deal with the struggles of not just being a minister of Christ and dating, but just being a single, Christian woman and trying to date. Many married couples and people in relationships tell me all the time that they are glad they have someone, even if they are not happy, because it beats the new dating scene!! LOL….gee….thanks for the encouragement!! Like the song says, I guess I will just have to encourage myself!!

The Dating Minister is a blog founded by Kristin Kimble to express the ups and downs of the dating scene and life from a Christian woman’s perspective…. who happens to also be a minister!

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