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5 Lessons We Can Learn From Cardi B


5 Lessons We Can Learn From Cardi B

Who doesn’t love Cardi B? Bloggers Brown in the City show us five things to learn from this unapologetic Queen!

Guest Blog by Brown In The City

When a regular degular shmegular from the Bronx goes from being “that ratchet girl on instagram” to everyone’s #WCW, you take note! She was that girl everyone pretended to be too sophisticated to follow, and now all of your favorite writers are incorporating “forevahh” #cardibvoice in their articles.

Cardi B is one of the biggest come ups in 2016 and I think we can learn a few things from this Trini-Dominican New York bombshell!

1. Ignore A Hater, Keep Pushing Your Craft!

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No one, and I mean NO ONE was checking for Cardi B’s bars. Even her friend/former side dude/castmate DJ Self was playing every Love and Hip Hop rapper’s music on his radio show EXCEPT Cardi B’s. That did not stop her! She kept recording and promoting her music herself and now her catchy songs frequent NY radio.

You will not always have cheerleaders,  you may even have haters. Be your own cheerleader, keep working, everyone will catch on later!

2.  Embrace Insecurities!

How many of us let our insecurities hold us back? (Raises hand!). Cardi B was insecure about her teeth, but went on TV and did her thing anyway! She embraced her smile, called it out before any of you could and didn’t let it hold her back. Now her paper is stacked, her smile is perfect, and internet thugs can stay mad!

3. Use Your Platform For Your Community

In between her funny Intagram videos, Cardi B speaks up about political and social justice issues and we appreciate it! With black people being killed by police and a racist running for President, we need those with large platforms using it for significant dialog. She speaks on these issues in a way her young followers can relate and understand. Cardi keeps the conversation going, offers her opinions and calls for change and action. She talks Trump, #BlackLivesMatter and defends Gabby Douglas all on her Instagram account with over 4 million followers.

4. Grind!

Cardi B has not been sitting around waiting for the next season of Love and Hip Hop! She puts in work and stays booked! This summer, she released new music and headlined “The Underestimated Tour”. If you follow her, you see she is often posting from a new city or pushing new music. Opportunities will not always come knocking, you may have to go hunt them down.

5. Be Authentic

Cardi B keeps it 1000! She is extremely transparent and I think that is what draws people to her. In a world where everyone is “frontin for the Gram”, Cardi keeps it real about being a former stripper. Instead of glamorizing the game like a lot of others, she talks to her followers about the cons of fast money and expresses how grateful she is to be out of that life. She posts videos with no make up, talks about her man being behind bars and shares stories about her past. I think  we are getting bored following women who just show us their perfect fleeky eyebrows and #OOTDs. We are looking for more relatable public figures. There is definitely a shift happening, and Cardi B has a head start!


As a fellow New York chick, I am proud of Cardi B! She is a great example of not letting your past or insecurities cripple you. Regardless of your environment or how many people are telling you “no, you can’t”, you can put in the work and change your life….and make a whole lot of schmoney doing it! Congrats Cardi! 🙂

Brown in the city is a lifestyle blog by Kelsey-Marie and LaPorsche on a journey to fulfill their dreams while living in NYC.

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