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Rubee Rayne

Find out more about artist Rubee Rayne hailing from Sandhurst, Berkshire

#WHO: BlackGirlMagic , talk about voodoo taking control, Rubee Rayne is snatching souls with her authentic deep house and neo R&B music that you NEED to get hip to like yesterday. Coming out of the small English town of Berkshire, about as colloquial as the Village, this English artist presents a smeary, chopped, acid hit R&B style that you wouldn’t expect coming from a small town girl.

#WHY: Though her sound is fresh, nostalgia tends to enthrall your psyche with hints of chill 70s underground basement music…. yet this is far from your mother’s 70s golden oldies. Her voice is soothing like Sade Adu on an underwater produced electro hip hop beat, with crisp productions that cut through the air and push your senses. Rubee’s voice is selfless as it sits behind the instrumentals yet speak to you loud enough allowing it the blend in with the mix you are already lost in. Honestly, I feel so relaxed to this, like laying on the hood of your car staring at the night sky the touches the edge of your city skyline. Give it a go, this is worth it.

#WHAT’SNEW: Rubee Rayne is continuing to work on more music but has a few amazing singles that give you the edge wanting more and more. Check her Soundcloud out and take a listen to her singles DSYLM , Nightshift, and Breathe. This artist presents herself as rather lowkey and underground as there is not much of bio on her artistic endeavors as you would like. However, the lowkey aspect is even more enticing than a boisterous presentation. Believe me, when I say, I hope more is on the way.



Facebook: Rubee Rayne

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