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5 Things I’ve Learned from Frank Ocean’s Disappearance


5 Things I’ve Learned from Frank Ocean’s Disappearance

Frank is MIA, but I completely understand why

One thing I love about the Ocean is that it’s always there, wading back and forth, in and out of the shore, but it’s always there. Let’s be Frank however, sometimes an ocean can recede for an amount of time and just not come back. But that can only mean that a wave of awesomeness and wonder is pon de way, just maybe….. no?

Well, now that Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange album is back on the chart (yes his album that was once upon a time, not his new album), we listen with our ears and our nostalgia and “reminisce” on what could have been but never happened. Here are 5 things I’ve learned from Frank Ocean disappearing.

Unplugging Is Necessary


HeUnplugged. The music industry is quite a stressful way of life contrary to the popular belief. Even if you aren’t dropping albums left and right, the behind the scenes is another world in which one could lose themselves in. Sometimes one must back away and gather thyself once more. I’m going to give Ocean the grace in saying Hey, the guy needed time with himself.

His producer Malay also recently responded with a quote to corroborate Ocean’s #Unplugged status:

“First of all we all massively appreciate and love you guys, Frank has told me this himself many times. To be fair tho, art cannot be rushed. It’s about making sure the perfect aesthetic for the situation has been reached, to do that, takes constant tweaking, trial and error.. That goes for any creative situation.”

Patience in the Craft


Personally, I’ve learned that making something worth-while will surely take a while. I realize Future and Young Thug may have been ever so consistent with the material releasing but (excuse me, just my opinion) making a true work of art takes patience in detailing the beautiful structure that is your art. I’m sure Frank has taken this time these past few years to really chisel the pieces of a resplendent musical sculpture. Be patient.

He Did NOT go to medical school


A recent photo had spread across media outlets of Frank Ocean in some doctor smocks and tools, standing ever so nonchalantly as he always does. Of course, everyone jumped to their conclusions and presumed the singer had left his day job to pursue medicine all of a sudden. Honestly, unless this was some internship that popped out of nowhere, the man is still rather young and hasn’t finished enough school to already be a doctor ( I don’t specialize in medicine correct me if you see me.). But no worries, it is actually an alleged set up for Thinkin Bout You. Mmmmhm.

Just Wait For The Source


I noticed that everyone’s anticipation of Boys Don’t Cry ‘s arrival came from various media and newsworthy outlets instead of the artist himself who solely left mysterious hints. I think it’s best we just wait for the artist to announce it himself or just wait and see if he pulls a Beyonce.

He Gone


Well of course there is one last possible explanation…… He gone. He not coming back y’all.

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