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Head for the Hills! Lauryn Hill’s latest announcement


Head for the Hills! Lauryn Hill’s latest announcement

Calling all fans of Lauryn Hill! You’re gonna wanna hear this latest announcement!

The name Lauryn Hill carries so much weight alone within the musical world, especially when discussing Black women empowerment. So bringing her up as a subject is exciting enough….what about seeing her in concert? Be prepared to be trampled by a plethora of resplendent Bantu knots and hints of kente oil if you plan on trying to get a front row seat at such an event.

If you haven’t already gathered by now of what I’m about to announce then hold on to your Ashanti bracelets, because the honorable Ms. Lauryn Hill has now released the dates of her new upcoming concert tour The MLH CARAVAN : A DIASPORA CALLING , if that title doesn’t already have you ironing your dashiki , then dig this! The tour is to be a nonstop series that “will bring aspects of the inaugural festival to the road.”. In addition to an already seemingly well-planned lituation, Ms. Hill is planning to introduce to the stage special guest performances by artists from throughout the entire African diaspora!

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 12.23.06 PMI mean listen….it’s already too much goodness as it is, if you thought you were woke before, this event will have you convinced you’ve been napping a little too long. The overall theme is unity and the celebration of the cultural and artistic beauty that comes from the entire African diaspora. The concert will also be filled with an “education” of self-love and appreciation that ties into expression and empowerment, especially in light of recent unfortunate situations.

Sounds like this is a promising outlet many have been looking for. The tour will start in Philadelphia on August 27, 2016 and will end in Phoenix, Arizona on November 13, 2016. College students? Y’all have enough time to scrape up some money and get midterms out the way, so if you’re desperately wanting to be a part of this….you have no excuses.

Now Ms. Hill has taken some recent heat in the past for showing up late to a concert, and even not being allowed to finish her set due to venue restrictions. But who’s to say how her artistic process will effect her timeliness this go around? (I mean I don’t know about you, but I’d still go!)

You can RSVP via Tidal or through her website and save your spot, light your incense, and “centrify” your thoughts ( I made that word up, but you get it). Also, if you’re wondering about the full show lineup , just keep your eyes on the website for the lineup announcements within the next couple weeks, OR just take the leap of faith and go regardless because this is a Lauryn Hill show, and surely, she will not disappoint.

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