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Is Everybody Looking Yet?


Is Everybody Looking Yet?

Gucci is back with a new album! Is it fire? Or luke warm?

It’s the year 2016 and you just got out of prison, probably anticipating on getting a jumpstart on the list of “things to do when released” you’ve conjured up during the grueling years of hard-time. Well if you’re anything like Gucci Mane, there’s probably a spot on that list that says “Drop an album ASAP” right next to “Eat fruits and veggies”.

That’s right everyone, it’s the Return of Mr. Zone 6 , except this time Everybody Looking. See what I did there? Anyways, it’s been quite some time since the 2011 drop of Gucci’s last studio album before incarceration, and the return of Mr. Guwop himself has been the most anticipated homecoming since the McRib. Since Gucci’s release this past May, there had been hints of a possible album soon to be released due to his very prompt releases of various singles featuring Drake (Back on Road) and Young Thug (Guwop Home) and the very homely reunion with his frequent collaborator Drumma Boy. Thanks to Gucci’s introduction to the popular Snapchat world (the 2016 snapchat 2nd uprising), eyes from all over were able to jump to their conclusions while witnessing this Mane conjure up something new for old time’s sake. Everybody was watching, hence the finally released album title Everybody Looking.

As of July 22, Gucci Mane finally released his ninth studio album and it’s safe to say that all of you Gucci fans will not be disappointed. It’s pretty common for rappers to change their sound drastically as time and music progress, especially if you’ve been away from society for a minute, and honestly, it can either tarnish an artist’s career or boost it in many ways. In this case, Gucci still maintains the gritty East Atlanta story telling method we all know and love, and yes, it’s still scraight to the point. But wait! There’s more!

You can’t expect Gucci to stay in 2011, though can you? This is a new Gucci, a sober Gucci, and according to him a more “healthy” and “conscious” Gucci, which means he’s open to diversity. The album’s production features some more post-modern sounds thanks to collaborations with Mike Will-Made It, Zaytoven, Will-A-Fool, and many more. Gucci Mane intelligently maintains his style while coexisting with a new sound that doesn’t take away from his personality or his nostalgic fans, yet stays up to date and even opens himself to the new generation trying to figure out what a Gucci is and why it’s free.

Mr. Davis and Mr. Mike Will make a pretty good team in this fourteen track project with recognizable “M-M-Mike Will Made It” beats that keep my Atliens down to their roots. Tracks “At Least A M” and “Pop Music” celebrate this more modern sound connected with Gucci’s famous and well-appreciated hooks that only intensify the bass your car is already deteriorating from. Don’t worry college listeners, you’re suburbanized RA down the hall will be weary of you hearing these tracks blast from your dorm room, this ain’t for the faint of heart….burr.

All in all, this album is one that won’t disappoint, you’ll soon be hearing it from every car at a red light and from the earbuds of the brother in the gym needing the inspiration to deadlift that 200. It is officially the return of Mr. Zone 6, and he’s ready to drop some more heat this summer. Be sure to check it out on your Spotify or support through iTunes, choice is yours…Enjoy! And remember…stay vibin’ my friends.
You know Kanye on this joint too right? Just saying.

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