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Rockie Fresh

Chicago’s own, rapper Rockie Fresh, is what you get when you call it as it is…Fresh.

#WHO: Chicago’s own, rapper Rockie Fresh, is what you get when you call it as it is…Fresh, MMG’s own artist is bringing something to 2016 that may just change your view on the hip-hop you’re used to.

#WHY: Rockie Fresh brings to you an alternative style of hip-hop inspired by artists you probably might deem the complete opposite of the hip-hop genre, initially Rockie Fresh’s main inspiration came from Fall Out Boy and a few “good” members of fellow punk rock group “Good Charlotte”. If that combination doesn’t tingle your curious senses, then dig this! Rockie Fresh presents to you post-modern instrumentals reminiscent of an underground electro hip-hop club, a style completely unique from your usual MMG crew, all the while telling you stories that not only relate, but lyrically set the nostalgic tone and your nocturnal instincts. Good beats and good lyrics sounds like the perfect mix already, but wait until you include the visuals! Even with a brand new project still settling in, Rockie Fresh provides sublime visual aids to his songs, all with the correct edits and lucid visions turned reality with looks you can’t help but keep your eyes on. I speak for all of us when I say, God bless the cinematographer!

#WHAT’SNEW: You most likely can’t hide from Rockie Fresh’s voice as he appears almost everywhere, thought he hasn’t released an independent album just as yet, he has a miscellaneous of mixtapes all which would have you forget you were even listening to..well a mixtape (keep the tapes alive!). If you’re looking to start somewhere his 2013 mixtape Electric Highway could be your gateway, and if you’ve been paying attention to your music plugs, you may have noticed his recently released (recently as in almost yesterday) May 2016 mixtape The Night I Went To…. . Want to complete the sentence? Go give it a listen, I can assure you there will not even be an utterance of disappointment. Rockie Fresh seems to have a progressive alliance within the music world as well, being that his “featurettes” include an eclectic and diverse group of artists you know and love, Chris Brown, Wale, Vic Mensa, R. Kelly, Pharrell….need I say more? Check him out! Remember, Stay vibin’ !

Instagram: @rockiefresh

Twitter: @rockiefresh

Facebook: Rockie Fresh

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