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How I Learned to Love My Imperfect Bikini Line


How I Learned to Love My Imperfect Bikini Line

Every girl deals with it, here’s what you can do to properly maintain your bikini line area!

Bikini line maintenance is literally one of the hardest tasks to undergo. Why hard? Well you think you’re doing the right thing by getting rid of hair down there, but what happens? Your body pretty much responds by torturing you with ingrown hairs, hellish itch, razor bumps, and dark marks.

For some women, it can be embarrassing or plain uncomfortable to have your bikini line in disarray (for me it was), and you may find yourself constantly running to beauty solutions for help (I did). But unfortunately nothing seems to work.

Luckily for me something eventually worked. So first, here is a list of every beauty tip and trick that was successful:


Some women have the luxury of using razors to tame hair down there, I wasn’t so lucky. One of the side effects of being such a melanated goddess is our tendency to have curly hair (I mean everywhere) and to be prone to our skin scaring due to acne/ingrown hairs etc. This makes it extremely hard for some to use razors and not be left with a polka dotted bikini line. So if this is you, ditch the blade like yesterday

Another option is using a hair depilatory (that’s a fancy word for Nair). Nair however still gave me ingrown hairs, irritation, and scarring. It was still ten times better than my results with shaving. Cons are it smells like Devil’s poop, will cause a mess in the shower, and the hair still grows back rather fast.

Then of course you have waxing. This is currently my go to method. It’s a pain (in more ways than one) but I can happily say goodbye to itching and ingrown hairs. For more details on how to convert to this lifestyle, read by First Bikini Wax story here!


I cannot stress enough how important it is to exfoliate at least twice a week. It was a VITAL step in helping my bikini line recover. Exfoliating helps even skin tone, remove dead skin which can clog pours, and ultimately encourage your hair to grow out instead of back into the skin (ingrown hair). You can purchase a body scrub at the store, or create your own at home using brown sugar or kosher salt. This step is a MUST for any hair removal route you take.


Sometimes the peskiest dark spots just don’t seem to fade on their own, luckily there are a multitude of products that are designed to help. BUT there is a catch. A lot of these products contain a bleaching agent called “Hydroquinone”, which can cause negative reactions to your skin. However, because of its danger it is usually included at very low percentages. Still, read the ingredients and DO YOUR RESEARCH!

I have used fade creams by AMBI, Nadinola, and Clear Essence. I’ve never experienced negative side effects, however I will say that these products don’t work over night and require consistent application (twice daily). Clear Essence works the best for me now, but I did notice a large fade in dark marks over the course of using all three products.


Sounds cliché I know, but water is literally the answer to all of my problems. Our bodies are primarily made of water and need a lot of it to function properly, this includes keeping our skin clear. This is the cheapest easiest step you can take towards bikini line rehab.


It almost goes without saying that shea butter and African black soap are miracle workers. In their rawest form, these two products will make love to your skin… that’s literally what they were put on Earth to do. I had to switch my generic soaps and lotions to something that actually catered to the overall health of my skin.

Now while all these beauty tips were handy and helpful, along this journey I found there were a few internal keys I was missing as well:


All of the previous beauty steps listed above take time. I didn’t just apply all these steps and see results in a week. For me this process took months of trying and failing, and it’s still something I deal with today. I learned to be patient in my progress, through all of the products and home remedies. And while being patient I learned a very important thing….


This step costs no money, but a whole hell of a lot of effort. I used to drive myself crazy trying to have this perfect bikini line like girls in the magazines or TV. I was extremely uncomfortable wearing a bathing suit, and avoided staring at my naked body in the mirror. I HATED myself for natural skin marks I had no control over. Everytime I would try something that didn’t work, I would freak out and just assume I could never take my clothes off in front of people.

If this is you, it’s time to stop. We aren’t perfect photoshopped people. We are humans who have scars and imperfections. There’s nothing wrong with adapting to a regimen to help maintain this area, but you also have to learn to accept the body you have. The best first step in any beauty routine is to stop tearing yourself down about whatever “flaw” you think you have. If you knew how many people dealt with the same thing and really aren’t judging you, you’d probably calm down about it so let tell you:

“Many people (women of color especially) deal with imperfect skin around their vaginas. Most people won’t judge you for it, and if they do who gives a f*ck. They aren’t worth it anyways.”

So there you have it, that’s my journey towards excepting the skin I’m, even in the places where the sun don’t shine. It’s a journey I’m still on, so just know you’re not walking the path alone!

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