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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Review


Orange is the New Black Season 4 Review

Season 4 is here, let’s talk about it *SPOILER ALERT!*

Every year we wait in agony for the new season of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. And then June comes around, we binge watch it, get our fill of our favorite ladies of Litchfield, and sit in agony again until the next year. This year was no different, except maybe the agony was stronger due to such a lack luster Season 3, but we all finally got our fix.

For me this season was… interesting. It wasn’t as much exposition as last season, but it was pretty much a dry build up until the climax of the penultimate episode. Yeah, I sat through about 11 episodes until there was actually some drama. But by this stage I have fallen in love with all the characters so, I’m willing to sit through dead storylines that are survived by witty inmate banter.

So there are a few things that stuck out to me this season, and if you haven’t finished watching you should probably hit the back button and return to your previous page.


(Now that that’s over… let’s get to business.)


I’ve never liked this woman, and I don’t think I ever will. She is the Meredith Grey of this show, in other words bland, annoying, and loves to play the victim. I understand she’s the protagonist, but this season I was ready for her departure. Not only was she obsessed with power due to her panty business, but she banded together all the radical whites to put a cherry on top of Litchfield racism. In my book she’s an a guilty by association racist, but I gave her some slack for joining Flores’s table protest.




I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to like or hate Judy. At times she was very warm, receptive to the prisoners, and down to earth. But other times she was manipulative, racist, and most importantly racist. She was a weird addition to the show, I could have gone without her. Especially when she decided to have a stomach turning threesome with Yoga Jones and Luschek…. Just the thought brings up a little bile now.


orange-is-the-new-black-season-3-8-fear-and-other-smells-lori-petty-lolly-tracking-alex-review-episode-guide-listLOLLY WHITEHILL

I don’t know what it is about Lolly, but I could listen to her talk all day. She sounds like an 8 year old black boy is trapped inside of her. I also appreciated how her character shone a light on the mentally ill in prisons who are sometimes arrested just for having an episode related to their illness. She also helped make Mr. Healy less creepy when he took her under his wing…. Still don’t like him though.



RACIST WHITE FOLKS5-10-16-orange-new-black-s4

I don’t even know these characters names, and I really don’t want to. Before them, I was having fun not dealing with blatant slurs against black people being thrown around like a beach ball. But this season brought a long quite the band of Adolfa Hitlers. It was definitely some cringe worthy moments created by this new crew of characters.



Orange Is The New Black S4


Oh, how I missed Sophia. Most of this season she spent her days in the SHU (Security Housing Unit if you didn’t know), rocking her natural, flooding toilets, and starting fires. Eventually she got out, by the help of her wife and a cellphone up a nun’s sugardish. It wasn’t too long until she shook that honey blonde wig out and returned to the diva we know and love.



POUSSEY & SOSOorange-is-the-new-black-poussey-soso_home_top_story

I really liked the relationship between these two. It was refreshing to see an actual relationship blossom on this show, one that wasn’t as annoying as Pipes & Alex, as secretive as Daya & Bennett, or as insane as Nichols & Morello. I felt these two really were in love with each other, the kind of love that doesn’t make sense to anyone but the people involved. It was also nice to see some interracial action happen, and Poussey’s character be developed. But then…..



389e19966bc0738b498a5115f5254a533c8bdad0POUSSEY’S DEATH

This pill wasn’t as hard to swallow because Twitter spoiled this ending for me. However, seeing it happen was still horrible to watch. We all loved Poussey, she was pretty much one of the best people in there. Her death was tragic, but it brought up some very important issues concerning the treatment of prisoners and the #blacklivesmatter movement. Out of all the characters that could have died, I’m not sure why it had to be her… maybe she resembled a young black man the most, further symbolizing their deaths at the hands of police in today’s society. Or maybe the writers just got bored with her. Either way she will be missed on the show…. Still crying over this one.


CREEPY Ccf51165220cfcd6bdb153d6212b8ce962c57cb6cO’s

I thought Pornstache was bad, but these new assholes under Piscatella are way worse. They’re all pretty much sadistic rapists, with no clear understanding of minority culture. The ways in which they treated the prisoners was stomach turning, and what’s even worse is that they represent a large population of white people and their beliefs against black and Hispanic people. Kind of scary.


Dascha-Polanco-Orange-Is-The-New-Black-467GANGSTA DAYA

I wanted so much for Daya. I wanted her to stay out of the race wars, and stay on the straight and narrow. But surprisingly she was a sucker for peer pressure, and just wanted some friends. This season ended with a pretty necessary riot against the corrupt CO’s, with Daya holding a gun directly at an officer. I don’t know but I can’t imagine that will play out well for her in the next season.

For me, OITNB will always have a place in my heart, but I can’t help but feel slightly let down this season. For a show that creates all this build up every year, I would expect a better story line. Maybe if every episode was on a weekly schedule, I wouldn’t mind so much but since it’s not I constantly feel like I’m walking away with blue balls each season.

But I’ll still be waiting for Season 5…. I’m not crazy.

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