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Are Instagram Models Really Nothing But Trouble?


Are Instagram Models Really Nothing But Trouble?

When my editor, Kaya, first assigned me to write this piece I was extremely torn. As a proud feminist, there are so many sides to this argument. On one hand every woman has a right to express herself by any means she chooses should that be as an “Instagram model” or otherwise. Yet, on the other hand, are these women doing if for themselves or for someone else?

Whenever you hear the term “Instagram Model” there is always one specific look that comes to mind. Typically the girl has long hair, perfect teeth, a tiny waist and a big behind. Now don’t get me wrong, many girls naturally fit this mold and I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to obtain these goals as long as it’s in a healthy way. By no means do I think it is healthy to put yourself in harm for a beauty standard.

The question I’m more concerned with thought is why? Why are women not only drawn to this look but willing to take such drastic measures to achieve it? In my opinion, it all boils down to the media. The media is making these girls success stories. Essentially, these girls are achieving the “New America Dream”, filled with money and fame. They are getting noticed amongst sport stars, celebrities, and even in some cases even get their own brand or have the opportunity to star on TV shows. Of course the majority is going to be drawn to this glamorous lifestyle…who wouldn’t be?

All in all, weather or not I believe this is “correct” or not isn’t applicable simply because that’s not a lifestyle I live. Although, I think as long as these women who do live like this (or aspire to) do it because of personal choice as opposed to media or outside coercion, who am I to judge?

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