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Zayn Malik “Mind of Mine” Album Review


Zayn Malik “Mind of Mine” Album Review

Is “Mind of Mine” worthy of your music playlist?

I’m going to be quite honest with you, I was never one of those girls obsessed with the famous boy band One Direction. Not because they didn’t have great songs, (I admit “What Makes You Beautiful” is a BOP!) but because I felt I was simply too old to follow the latest group of crooning teens. I mean, besides The Backstreet Boys will always take the crown in my mind.

However, despite my lack of love for One Direction my interest in one particular member was sparked just a few weeks ago. That member being the recent escapee of the group, Zayn Malik. I stumbled across his voice on Chris Brown’s “Back to Sleep” Remix and literally paused and said:

“Wait…. Zayn can actually sing?!”

After I swallowed my own shock, I realized why his separation from One Direction was necessary. It seems Mr. Malik certainly has his eyes set on topping the R&B charts, pulling a Nick Jonas and shedding his pop innocence quicker than you can say Disney Channel.

Zayn debut album “Mind of Mine” was released just a few days ago, and gives quite an in-depth peak at the music style of the new artist. He is definitely exploring the boundaries of alternative R&B music, as his smooth voice sails over synth hip-hop beats. His talent brings power, yet a subtle sex appeal that could easily put him in the musical company of Chris Brown and August Alsina.

His single “Pillow Talk” surely pleased his fans, giving them the clear statement that he was not a young directioner anymore! (Seriously, it has a parental advisory for explicit content and errthang). The rest of Zayn’s album is not as racey, but it is definitely grown man music all titled with an interesting combination of lowercase and uppercase letters.

So  the real question of the hour…… is “Mind of Mine” worth listening to? I would say so. I appreciated getting to know another side of Zayn, and being able to watch him step into a new genre and a new identity. I do also believe Zayn has unreached potential as an artist which I’m sure will be explored during his budding career. However, this is a pretty great start for him.

My advice? Clear some time from your schedule, sit back and take a listen. Let us know what you think!

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