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Stop Living a Mediocre Life!


Stop Living a Mediocre Life!

“FedEx was so was just the spirit was old dudes just pushing boxes-but okay with it..and it scared the living hell out of me so I quit after a week and four days..”

This is a quote from Tyler the Creator from his interview with Jimmy Kimmel last year. Basically, he was explaining how he didn’t fit in at FedEx, because he’s a rapper and an artist, and living as if he was someone else was suffocating and depressing.

When we don’t dare to live our dreams and our passions, we unconsciously fail ourselves. God implanted something in you that no one else is capable of doing. That talent is what you are meant to do. And when you do it, you’re happy, and it won’t even feel like work.

Life is short, and there are only a certain number of days you’ll be here. You are meant to do more than live a mediocre life. You’re meant to do more than work a job you hate, have kids, and die. When we take a leap of faith, and live the life we imagine, and trust God in the process, our dreams come true.

The Oprahs, and the Kendrick Lamars of the world took a chance and followed their passions, and God blessed their daring faith. So ask yourself. Are you REALLY living up to your full potential? Are you REALLY happy? Are you REALLY alive? Or are you just existing? If the answer is no, I advise you to reanalyze your life. After all, whoever dares to live their dreams, wins.

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