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Weekly Workout Plan!


Weekly Workout Plan!

Looking for a weekly workout plan can be pretty tough. You may not know what to work on, how often to work on it, or even how to work on it! What I found most important in working out and seeing results is developing a concrete workout plan. Instead of working total body everyday, or simply just doing 50 squats a day, I found an easier way to break down my workouts according to the days of the week. Such as:

Monday- Butt/Legs

Tuesday- Arms/Chest

Wednesday- Abs

Thursday- Butt/Legs

Friday- Back

When I plan my workouts out like this, I enter the gym everyday with a plan. I then tailor my workouts to those specific areas, instead of struggling to work everything in just one session. Not only is this easier, but it gives me greater results! Dedicating one day to one area allows me to train really hard, and not spread my energy too thin.

So before you walk into your workout blind, try this out for size and see if it works for you!

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