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My First Bikini Wax!


My First Bikini Wax!

Tips, pros & cons of the great and famous Brazilian (bare with no hair) bikini wax.

I finally bit the bullet and decided to try my hand at bikini waxing!  Now, before this I was in a very committed relationship with Nair and my trusty dusty razor. However, Miami was calling my name for spring break so I just had to be grown. So below I’m going to share some bikini wax tips, pros & cons of the great and famous Brazilian (bare with no hair) style.


(Let’s start off with the sugar first shall we) First and foremost, the price of a bikini wax is actually quit cheap. Of course not as cheap as a drug store razor, but still not too much to dent your wallet. I paid $35 at Bikini Wax by Andreia, which was such a beautiful place! Waxing provides the cleanest & quickest hair removal I’ve EVER experienced, it’s literally like a baby’s bottom. The hair takes longer to grow back (I’m going on a week and still no stable) Plus once your kitten is clean, you suddenly have this surge of confidence and freedom. You’ll certainly be turning heads in no time. I personally decided to just yank it all off with a Brazilian, but there are a multitude of styles you can choose from!



Well I’m sure you can guess what the number one con is…. Waxing is pretty painful. Before you freak out, understand that your first time will be the worst. I myself didn’t shed any tears, but it’s enough to make you yelp a few times. Also, after your wax you will feel a bit tender and sore. I mean you just ripped hair from your skin, don’t expect to feel so amazing right after. You may experience some redness so don’t expect to be immediately ready to show it off. Although I listed price as a pro, this can also be a con. If you’re tight on money, realize waxing is a financial commitment. And if you’re like me, it’s a little awkward being completely bare on a table while a woman touches your goods during casual conversation. You may also be a bit nervous, but just breathe it will be over shortly!



Let your hair grow for at least four weeks! I know it sounds like a long time, but it’s necessary so that the wax can catch your hair.

Wear loose fitting, breathable clothes. I suggest something like a sundress or some loose pants, you aren’t going to want any extra friction afterwards.

Take pain medication or inquire if your waxing professionals offer numbing aids beforehand if you are concerned about the pain (you will be fine!)

Get your wax a few days before you plan to show it off! You’ll need that time to reduce redness and tenderness.

Go with a friend if you’re nervous about experiencing your first time alone.

Once you are no longer tender, exfoliate about every 2 days to help prevent ingrown hairs.

If you’re not sure which kind of wax you want, look online or talk to a waxing professional!


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