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Black Girls Don’t Cry


Black Girls Don’t Cry

From what seems like the beginning of time black women have had to be strong amongst adversity, but sometimes we need to know that it’s ok to cry.

Black girls don’t cry. It’s true, we never do. See, tears cannot push through our melanin, so I guess that’s why we are everyone’s punching bags. Our ‘fros are so nappy that the constant insults can’t get to our brains, so I guess that why all the black men have no trouble telling us that “white girl’s are winning”.

Oh, and black girl aren’t passionate, or caring, or thoughtful. No, black girls only have two emotions: sassy and angry. So if you think you see a black girl standing up with conviction about something she feels strongly about , don’t mistake that for passion because that’s just an “angry black girl”.

Or if you see a black girl who expresses her creativity with colorful hair or long nails, don’t you dare think that she is anything but ghetto. If her hair is long it must be weave and if she cuts it off then she’s definitely trying to be Eve. ‘Cause all these black girls are the same.

But please know this. When black girls do cry, every one of our tears we send to Flint, Michigan tied with a bow. Oh and don’t get me started on our hair, it’s so big that everyone in the room is so uncomfortable. Kinks and naps and coils each uniquely made. History down to our very roots, no matter our shade. Black girls are loud and sassy and angry. Black girls are also quiet and funny and smart. Black girls are so many things, a mixture constantly changing, and will never have a recipe.

To black girls: You can cry. I know that the thought is foreign but it’s ok. Let your tears stream down your face like the Jordan River. But, black girl, don’t cry forever.

Be strong like I know you’ve been taught to be. Black girl, wear your hair however you like. Let your coils hang down your back if you please and don’t let anyone stop you if you really want that purple weave.

Black girl, if anyone ever tells you “shh”, ask them why. Ask them why you have to be quiet, ask them why you must be silenced. Never be silent. Why would you want to be silent? All the parts of you, black girl should never be silenced. They are too bold, too beautiful, too meaningful. Just like you.

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