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Is Future’s “Purple Reign” Worth The Hype?


Is Future’s “Purple Reign” Worth The Hype?

Future has dropped yet another new mixtape, but is it REALLY as good as everyone says it is?

Just three days ago Future took to Twitter and surprised fans with a short and sweet announcement:



Immediately fans prepared for new music from the rap artist, tentatively watching their clocks and counting down the seconds. When this awkward time finally struck, became everyone’s destination…. (leading to the site’s temporary shut down of course.) However once the flames died down on the link, stragglers like me were finally able to press play and be drenched in Purple Reign……..

Let’s just say I should have brought my umbrella.

Now I’ve always appreciated Future’s music, which shines a light on those glorious trap beats we all love so much. Back in my day, I got ratchet with the best of them to songs like “Same Time,” “Tony Montana,” and “Gone to the Moon,” just to name a few. However, I have to say that Purple Reign was quite….. mediocre.

The first time I pressed play, I couldn’t even make it through the entire thing. Simply because it was all too familiar for me. The 808 beats, the ominous synths, the lyrics… it was all the same old song with a different title. The second time I listened, I made it through the whole mixtape but still couldn’t walk away with a clear idea of the purpose. I couldn’t walk away with a clear theme, nor the urge to listen again. I literally couldn’t remember what song was which by the end, or even try to remember how any of them went. Usually if the lyrics, or ‘melody’ (using this term loosely) doesn’t catch my ear, at least the beat will but….. no. So don’t ask me which song was my favorite, because I don’t remember.

***(JUST A FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT THIS IS MY SOLE OPINION…. proceed to regularly scheduled reading)***

It all just feels like Future is struggling with an age old idea: Will you choose quantity over quality? Yes his fans are probably some of the happiest campers out here, continuously receiving new music from their favorite artist. But I would much rather wait for quality music that shows growth and experimentation, rather than to have an overload of tracks I’ve pretty much heard before.

To be clear, I think an artist like Future has a very important role in rap music. Which is why I refuse to settle for something less than his best. I personally would like to see Future get a little uncomfortable, and challenge his fans with a bit more innovation. But until then I’ll just be stuck in Future’s past (get it?) and staying clear of “Purple Reign.”

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