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Jasmine Mans Has Some ‘Footnotes For Kanye’


Jasmine Mans Has Some ‘Footnotes For Kanye’

Did poet Jasmine Mans just call out Kanye?….. Yep, she sure did and it’s AMAZING.

Her voice is chilling as she reads over biting words, drawing your ears to attention. Her thoughts demand a respect, and her presence makes you sit up straighter in your seat. She is a walking-talking breath of wisdom that you can’t help but want more of. And that woman is Jasmine Mans.

As a poet, author, and teacher she has continuously shaken fans with her moving poetry, which paints poignant and raw pictures of black culture. Honing her craft since her middle school years in New Jersey, Mans has never shied from the tough topics… and her new video for her poem “Footnotes for Kanye” is no different.

Fearlessly Jasmine Mans checks the no-filter MC for his abandonment of his people and himself, via his marriage to socialite Kim Kardashian:

When Kim f*cks up the lyrics to “College Dropout,”

Like them white folks used to f*ck up your name,

Do you pretend not to notice?

As she presents a harshness to Kanye, you can tell that it all comes from a place of love… a place of respect from a once true fan. Her disappointment is disheartening, and as a listener you can’t help but feel like someone left you too.

We can do nothing but give credit to the art that is Jasmine Mans for this amazing piece, watch for yourself and you’ll see what we mean.

Instagram: @kingjasminemans

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