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What Setting Powder Is & Why You Need it!


What Setting Powder Is & Why You Need it!

So you’re trying to learn how to truly beat your face, scrolling through numerous make-up tutorials. You have your foundation, your fancy eyeshadow palette, and even a contouring kit… but then you see your favorite make up expert applying this bright powder to their face and you pause… what the heck is that stuff?!

Don’t fret… I’ve literally had that exact same experience.

So what is it?!

What you are seeing is the application of setting powder, which is basically used to “set” your foundation and make it long lasting throughout the day. It literally latches on to the dampness of your foundation and provides you with a clean matte finish.

Why do I need it?!

If you have oily skin or find that your make-up is practically non existent by the end of the day, then this is for you! I personally end up with a forehead and nose greasy enough to lubricate a squeaky hinge, so this stuff immediately got my attention! Setting powder can also take your look to the next level if you’ve already been dabbling with make-up for a long time, but want that “celebrity” finish.

What’s my favorite?

Currently, the only setting powder I use is Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder . I was lucky to find it at Ricky’s NYC while in the city for a fair price of about $20, so I didn’t have to deal with shipping or anything. Quick in the store purchase!

How do I use it?!

There are two different ways that I use setting powder:

  • Apply your setting powder using a fluffy make-up brush. The powder is typically pretty fine, so you do not need to apply a lot! Once you have a little on your brush, lightly brush it over your full face. For full face coverage it is important to find setting powder that compliments your skin tone. So if you are chocolate like me, you should be careful of the powders that can leave you looking like Casper the friendly ghost


  • THIS IS MY FAVORITE WAY: I typically use setting powder to set my highlight after contouring, and luckily enough these are pretty much all the oily spots on my face. This allows my highlight to pop, but also allows me to contour so I’m not looking like a walking corpse.
    1. I apply my contour using my Stila Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo (Deep)
    2. I take a make-up sponge, and lightly dip it into my setting powder.
    3. Then I tap it across five areas: center of my forehead, directly underneath my eyes, the bridge of my nose, my chin, and jaw (these are the same areas I’ve already highlighted using my contour kit)
    4. I allow the powder to sit on my face WITHOUT BLENDING for a few minutes. This is sometimes referred to as  letting it “bake”
    5. Lightly blend it using a fluffy brush
    6. Walk around beat like a Kardashian

If you still feel a bit unsure, here are a few tutorials of make-up pros using setting powder!



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