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Pros & Cons of Dating Your Best Friend


Pros & Cons of Dating Your Best Friend

When looking for the perfect romantic partner, we often want someone who gets us completely. That one person that is interested in everything we are, watches all our favorite shows, automatically knows what we like and don’t like, and someone we can talk to for hours on end about absolutely everything… .

sounds a lot like a best friend doesn’t it?

Sometimes it seems like the perfect answer to your single life woes to just date that person you’ve known for years, i.e. your best friend. I mean you can trust them, you already know them, and you already love them! So why not?

Well hold on there young grasshopper, before you just up and date your right hand man or woman there are some things you should know. Here are some definite pros & cons to dating your best friend you must be aware of.


You practically have everything in common already, so you’re guaranteed to have some of the best dates. No more awkward trips to Mexican restaurants when you’re clearly allergic to quesadillas…. (that’s not a thing but you get what I mean)

With your best friend as your new bf/gf, they are already highly aware of the type of person you are when you get upset. They know if you need cuddling, if you need space, or if you need to be put in your place.

You automatically have one of the strongest support systems anyone can ask for in a relationship. Chances are they were already your biggest cheerleader as your bestie, but just imagine how much more crazier they’ll be when you’re actually there’s?!

You are likely to get quick approval from family, friends, etc. (they all probably thought you should be dating in the first place)

The chemistry will be through the roof. You can skip all the moments of trying to get to know someone, because you already do! You’ll be acting like an old married couple on the first date

(don’t get all excited and forget to read the Cons!)


You have to break the news to all the friends you two have in common. Not only do you guys have to adjust to being a couple, but they have to too. Everyone might not be on board with automatically becoming a third wheel if they decide to hang with you guys.

Going out with friends will never be the same. Before when you weren’t dating your bff, you both could have separate fun at a social gathering amongst your friends. Now, everything is all different because their is no more social dating or flirting. Jealousy is now very ugly and real. You could also potentially ruin a friend outing if the tension between you two is killing everyone’s vibe.

Before when you’d get upset about the person you’re dating, you’d call you’re best friend and complain about it…. well now you’re dating them so who are you calling now? (I’ll let that marinate)

You have to come to terms with the fact that dating your best friend might have ruined the relationship forever if it ends. Most people can barely speak to their exes again… it may be a while before you can have your pal back in your life.

AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT: If you decide to call it quits, get ready for one of the toughest break-ups you’ve ever experienced. You’re bound to see them repeatedly, often hanging with your friends, and it’s going to be quite hard to move forward. Gone are the days when you could just heal from an ex by never seeing them again, now you have to put on your big girl panties and deal with being uncomfortable until you can move on! (trust me it’s a bitch)

So there are your pros & cons of dating your best friend… if you still want to take that friendship to the next level I of course wish you the best of luck. Everyone’s relationship isn’t doomed, but take it from someone who’s been there… just make sure you are truly ready for the responsibility of dating your bestie!

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