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A Letter To My Freshman Sister

Letters To My Freshman Sister

A Letter To My Freshman Sister

Baby girl,

Always remember to paint the sky a lyrical color. Paint it with your presence and your talents. Never forget that although you are a freshman, you matter. Your opinion is just as valuable, your strengths are needed, and you’re an asset to this crazy world. Why? Because darling without you…without your passion…the world would lose its light. So always be true to you. Now there will be a lot to think about, but please always remember these few things.

Pray– pray about everything. Nothing is too small. Throughout my matriculation prayer was the only thing that kept me at all points in my journey. There were times were I felt like it was just me against the world. Then I remembered that God got this funny way of showing up and showing out. So many times I created obstacles in my own mind before they were ever present because I leaned on what I, as a human, knew the world to be. However, never forget that 1. God will never leave you nor forsake you and 2. God said lean not on your own understandings. Therefore, pray about any and everything, any and everywhere. Never be afraid to share your wisdom about your God because you never know who needs to hear his word.

Learn– A wise friend once told me that if you left Spelman the same way that you can in then you didn’t really live. I believe that whole heartily. You’re young and you have so much to learn. Never think that you know it all. That’s with classes, that’s with friendships, and that’s with relationships. Take advantage of every moment to learn something new. Even if the moment was bad, instead of beating yourself up constantly, try to see what you learned from the situation that way you can do better or be better for the next time. Remember that the lesson is repeated until it it’s learned so don’t just go through it…grow through it.

Gain an understanding– There are several things you must understand to survive. If I would have known these things when I was your age life might have been just a bit simpler. Understand that every single day won’t be a good day. Life happens especially in college. You may receive a bad grade on a test you stayed up all night to study for, you may have lost your belongings somewhere, or you may have gotten into an argument with a friend etc. Do not fret though just redeem yourself the next day. That’s what counts. Understand that the struggle is real. Know that everyone is struggling in some type of way. Some may struggle more than others which I can personally vouch for. However, I now have my Bachelors of Science degree in Biochemistry as a first generation kid who didn’t have a dime saved up for college. Yes, recognize that the struggle is real, but then also recognize that you can overcome anything. Gain an understanding love.

Believe in yourself– no matter what, believe in yourself. Have yourself first and always. Stay true to you and follow the above advice and you’re going to make it chile. God bless.


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