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6 Signs You Are a Petty Ex-Girlfriend


6 Signs You Are a Petty Ex-Girlfriend

Are you really over your ex? Or is your pettiness a sure sign that you aren’t quite ready to put that love behind you.

The road on the journey of ex-girlfriendship is a pretty rocky one. You may find yourself going through various emotional stages until you reach the mountain top of acceptance. One of those stages you’ll possibly venture to is… pettiness. 

As much as we all like to deny it as women, we are not immune to being petty. In fact we have perfected the art of pettiness since the beginning of time. We know all the ins and the outs, but even we fall victim to losing control of the petty within…(especially when it comes to relationships).

This list was devised to help you check yourself, before you indeed wreck yourself.


1. You’ve blocked them on social media

After you’ve called it quits with your once-upon-a-time-beau, you get this crazy urge to rid yourself of them as soon as possible. You want them off any timeline you frequently scroll, feeling like just the sight of their face will cause you to lose it. And although it may give you a small boost of control in the situation, it is also one of the BIGGEST signs that you are clearly not over the relationship. You can simply unfollow that person, or just learn how to tolerate them. Be mature

2. You won’t go out with friends if “he/she” is there

It gets a bit tricky having to be in the same space with your ex after a break up (especially if it was a bad one), but avoiding the situations won’t make you feel any better either. It may have felt good to declare you don’t want to be around them, but not so good to sit around moping in your room all alone. Understand these moments are bound to come,  and you may need to sit out for the first few times. But after that learn how to co-exist, or you’ll always be the one pointing out how much you aren’t over the break up.

3. You go out of your way not to speak to them in public

You see your ex standing with a group of your friends. You quickly make the decision “I’m going to go over and say hi”, knowing you have no intention of acknowledging him/her. You even go so far as to give them a good look, making sure they realize you have purposely ignored them. One word….. PETTY! Suck it up and be cordial, all that tells your ex is “Hey I’m not over you, so I’m going to put a lot of energy into making you feel like crap!”

4. You make sure you appear happily single AT ALL TIMES

If the fact that you are “happily single”, “single ready to mingle”, “single like a pringle”, etc. is mentioned ANYWHERE in your social media bio…. (stale face emoji). If you create hashtags targeted towards your ex such as #newlysingle #sillyme #ishouldhaveknownbetter #movingontobetterthings #startinganewchapter, etc…. (stale face emoji). If you are overdoing it with the club pictures, constantly going out to parties, doing your best to make it seem like you are the hottest thing on the market…. (stale face emoji).

Petty Paula, It’s okay to be a little hurt after a break up, everyone’s been there. But you will NOT get over it by doing this. This just tells people you want attention, (most likely attention from your ex)

5. You’ve gathered all things that remind you of your ex… and then proceeded to burn it, throw it away, or sell it.

Does this need explanation? You KNOW you were wrong for that! Just because it was a gift from your ex doesn’t mean you actually have to dispose of it. And even if you want to get rid of it, at least give them some time to claim it first.

6. You took the fight to social media

Oh sweetheart…. you’ve officially been crowned Miss Petty 2015-2016. You should absolutely NEVER consult Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook about your relationship. It will never work out in your favor. Again it is just a big advertisement of how much you aren’t ready to move on, and also it doesn’t reflect well on you as a person. If you need to vent, call up a friend or family member or journal about it! Don’t stoop down to ex-bashing.

(Don’t worry I’ve been a petty ex too)

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