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J. Cole Talks Overcoming “Small Town Mentality” on Forest Hills Drive Tour


J. Cole Talks Overcoming “Small Town Mentality” on Forest Hills Drive Tour

Last night during his Forest Hills Drive tour, J. Cole took a small chunk out of his set to give a special anecdote to his fans. After performing song “St. Tropez“, The lyricist saw fit to explain just where the inspiration from the tune came from, who’s lyrics glorify the idea of traveling to the grand cities of St. Tropez and Hollywood.

After admitting he isn’t quite sure where St. Tropez is on a map, Cole reveals the song is simply a metaphor about his past aspirations to one day break out from his small town of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

When you come from a place like where we come from, a lot of times you suffer from what we call a ‘Small Town Mentality’…. as you get older you get way to comfortable in your comfort zone and you’re too afraid to live the city.

The rapper then goes into an inspiring story about how he got his start in New York City after conquering his own ‘Small Town Mentality’.

For a fellow citizen of Fayetteville, North Carolina, J. Cole’s words certainly hit home last night. In that moment, and through out his whole performance he served as a great inspiration to those of us who come from small irrelevant cities and feel so far away from our own definitions of success.

If you have yet to see Cole in concert, you are certainly missing out! But until then, watch the video to get a sneak peek of greatness at work.


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