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A Letter to my Freshman Sister

Letters To My Freshman Sister

A Letter to my Freshman Sister

August is here and college courses will soon be in session, quicker than we can imagine. The transition into your college career can be huge and is a milestone that brings you one step closer into adulthood.

I was a freshman during the school year of (2012-2013) and of course I was more than nervous. I am originally from Philadelphia and was traveling 14 hours way to start a new chapter in my life, with no family or friends in the area (so nervous is probably an understatement.) My freshman year in general was pretty eventful. I had an equal balance of my social life and school work but constantly struggled with my finances for paying to be enrolled and maintaining healthy friendships with people. So in general my stress levels fluctuated a lot and tears were very familiar when I had a lone time.

Once it was over I thought I had the answers. Ironically, the summer following my freshman year I decided to make a youtube video, where I gave advice (not in the best way grammatically) to anyone entering college for the years to come. (Click here to check out my previous freshman advice tips )

Even with that video made I still think that some of my advice has slightly changed or better yet you can never have enough tips. Therefore, I am more than excited to inform you on some tips that can help you’re freshman experience enjoyable and meaningful.

So to my freshman sisters here’s a few tips that I think can help you through your freshman year:

  1. Prioritize: College is fun but you are there for your education first and need to stay on top of things to maintain your attendance. So be sure to invest in a planner or have something to organize and prioritize your life.
  2. Step outside of your comfort zone: College is the milestone where you are allowed to find yourself. Be sure to go to a few things that you could never imagine yourself getting involved in, because you never know unless you try and sometimes you fall in love with things when your not even trying to.
  3. Find your peace or meditation: You’ll need some alone time here and there. Make sure you find an area or time where you can literally just be alone and still.
  4. Pray
  5. Don’t be afraid to talk it out: Find that one friend that you consider trustworthy to vent to. You’ll need them most and if you don’t find them on campus never hesitate to call an old friend or visit a counselor, mentor or professor. Most times my stress only escalated because I ignored this tip and tried to battle things on my own. Being at college helps you realize that you aren’t alone as much as you think once you open up.
  6. The company you keep speaks values: This is something your mama may have said when you were growing up and quite frankly it’s still relevant once you get to college. When choosing your friend group or groups be aware of which friends are for which occasion and your social life should run smoother.
  7. Build relationships with your professors: College is good for networking with both your peers (future leaders of the world) and your professors (current leaders of the world). You never know the opportunities your professors may have and you want assure that whether its a job, scholarship referral or even a method to help you get your grades up to par; that relationship you build with them can be the key to your success.
  8. STUDY: Make it a habit now or you’ll regret it later!”
  9. Keep applying to Scholarships: Just because you made it to college doesn’t mean the grind stops there. Keep applying for free money in every way possible so by the end you’re looking at less money to owe.
  10. Network: It needed its own rule because its that important! Once you meet someone and leave an impression it can last forever and you never know what that can do for you in the future. So once you make the connection if need be, be sure to maintain the relationship; even if its vaguely with an email or text of just thinking them. It can go a long way. ( this pertains to those who aren’t detrimental to you and professionals).
  11. Boys will be there this year, next year, the year after etc. So DON’T STRESS IT: No need to rush into things or go in looking for a guy. Love will fall into place for you when it needs to.
  12. Be safe and cautious: When partying, being involved with other people, remember the best person who has your back is yourself first! Therefore, be sure to be wise in your decisions when partying and mix and mingling.
  13. Treat people how you would want to be treated
  14. Just as you are finding yourself, So is everyone else: Once you realize this, you will be able to accept the many changes that will transpire throughout the year. Be patient with yourself and others and keep it moving.
  15. Keep your faith in yourself and your journey, YOU CAN DO IT! 
  16. HAVE FUN!


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