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How To Prevent Becoming A Natural Hair Product Junkie


How To Prevent Becoming A Natural Hair Product Junkie

We all get crazy with natural products sometimes, especially when first starting out on our natural journeys. I remember when I first began my own transition, and basically felt slave to any and all suggestions that people shared who had already been wearing their hair naturally, which makes sense to me still partly.

Of course, people who have experience are those that you should garner constructive information respectively from with most things. But, it can be soooooo overwhelming and not even necessarily beneficial in the case of hair, since no one individual has got the same, which believe it or not we all fail to remember often when it comes to this naturalista life.

In my opinion, this is the greatest dilemma! Similar to the decision of being natural in the first place especially, I personally believe that the experimentation of hair products has to come down to what works best for you after a while, without an insistence to be consumed to the top 10 products from the top social media hair bloggers that very well might vary monthly anyway. This will drive you crazy, and the result of this insanity will result in your hair irrespective of the products after a while, because the biggest thing that I have learned, is that when you are stressed, your hair will be stressed too.

When you are taking your time to care for your self, your hair will appear as if the time has been taken out and especially cared for as well too. The reason why I say this, is because I basically became fixated eventually with only using certain products, and essentially made myself mad constantly, due to the inability to keep in mind that I was different, and so was my hairs’ curl pattern, from any other black girls’ as well, no matter where they and their hair were featured. Girls please remember this! So, I’ve shared some regiments of my own for usage at your own discretion!

  1. When I wash, I use Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner. DEEP CONDITION.
  2. Post wash, I use CANTU leave-in conditioner. RUB SLOWLY AND THOROUGHLY.
  3. Post rubbing, I use Shea Moisture styling lotion/cream. TWO STRAND TWIST TO THE BOTTOMS.
  4. Then I wrap my edges with a scarf, and place a bonnet over all my hair. SECURE ENDS IF ABLE TO

Upon waking for daily use I do wash & go’s.

  1. For the wash & go, I spray hair with water/mix it with Kinky Curly Gel. FINGER HAIR THOROUGHLY.
  2. Finally, I shake my head until the fro has reached its daily crown of perfection look. Understanding the look will variably change daily is something to embrace fully. Not all races have this flexibility signature!*


I use shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, and styling cream/gel with the exception of interchangeable oils to keep my scalp greased and not dry, post washes, and at least weekly, in between washes regularly.

I have found that too many products are tantamount to any products that have not directly proven beneficial, necessary, and/or are simply redundant of what other useful and applicable products already service the need, and are yet still insisted upon. Let them go. Save your money, and time huntys. Slay as minimally as possible. After all, the idea is to embrace and channel your ultimate naturalista, and nothing more! Xo



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