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5 Ways to Feel Comfortable in a Co-ed Gym


5 Ways to Feel Comfortable in a Co-ed Gym

5 Ways to Feel Comfortable in a Co-ed Gym

Okay, so everybody wants a healthier body, and recently, we as a people have become more intune with our bodies. We have gained a desire to want a better body, gaining the confidence and willpower to hit the gym every once in a while.

But why is going to the gym such an uncomfortable task for women? Besides pushing ourselves to work on accomplishing the physical goals that we’ve set, going to the gym can be an almost unbearable situation. Most of this uncomfort comes from being a woman in a man’s gym.

Let’s face it, co ed workout facilities can be a little overwhelming sometimes. But why?  When going to the gym we all have one mission: get in, get our workout on, and get out; Putting us one step closer to our fitness goal. Sadly, it’s not all that easy. Once we, as women step into public spaces such as gyms and other locations we become targets to the eye and the uncomfortability begins to fill our bodies. So what can we do to change this problem? Is there any real solution?

Many may believe in adjusting their gym attire to avoid the wondering creepers or the feeling of discomfort, will this really be successful? I mean, in my opinion, if guys want to stare they will, but, here are some tips that can make your gym experience as comfortable as possible.


Try to go to the gym with a partner. Gym time with a friend will help you focus more on the workout and less on the surroundings, unless the guys are something you actually might be interested in checking out at the time. Besides, having a partner will make it easier to find the comedy in the gym even if a guy or two has the creepy eyes wondering.



Find a secluded area or go at the hours when not many people are there . Some gyms may have areas that many people might not occupy, or may even have rooms that you can reserve for free allowing a mini private workout session for yourself! You could also go at the uncommon hours that way you get privacy and more equipment availability, which is always a plus!



Take the “Wondering eyes” as a positive.
Regardless if it’s true or not, turn a negative into a positive! Let those googling eyes be a reminder  that you are something worth looking at! When the guys are staring don’t let the negative possibilities swarm your mind. Workout with confidence and tell yourself “I’m a striking individual and no matter the where I go, I demand attention just by being present”. Kanye West said it best “My presence is a present…”



Wear clothing that suits your body type and makes you feel goodand confident. Every woman loves to feel sexy, especially if you’ve been working hard on your body, so wear what feels appropriate and comfortable for you. Some women like to wear sports bra and spandex shorts, but if you are more of a t-shirt and sweats kind of girl then go for it! Men give the excuse that they stare because you’re body is exposed, but really what you wear does not commit you to a certain level of treatment from them.



Last but not least, Relax and Focus! You came to the gym to achieveyour goal of your healthy lifestyle regimen. Pay attention to that and let your surroundings be exactly what they are (surroundings). You’re beautiful and your comfort level is all on you. You can make the environment work for you, you just have to be willing, focused and confident!


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