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6 Ways Freshman Can Prepare For College!


6 Ways Freshman Can Prepare For College!

The month of August is almost upon us, and for most kids everywhere that means it is almost time for school! As an incoming freshman, here is what I plan to do to get ready for the upcoming semester:

1. Buy a planner


I’m a very organized person, I plan everything out. Having my life written down makes it so much easier to not forget an assignment. I can’t trust my brain to keep up with everything that I have to do so it’s nice to have the planner to fall back on. I love looking for planners, for the past two years I’ve had Lilly Pulitzer but I really like the Erin Condren Life Planners as well!

2. Get in touch! 


For incoming freshman like myself I highly recommend getting in a group chat. I am in one now with the people in my dorm and I love it. (Even though if I sit my phone down for two minutes I have 200 messages.) It’s a great way to connect with people before the school year starts. For those who aren’t, try getting in contact with old friends and catching up. It can never hurt to reconnect with someone.

3. Get organized


I’m a huge nerd so what gets me back into the groove for school is buying school supply stuff. Now, I don’t go into Target and buy the whole store, even though I would love to. I just browse the office supply section and sometimes that alone makes me excited for school.


4. Go to the gym

Now, this is one I certainly struggle with. I love to eat and I hate going to the gym. However, that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t go. Start getting a routine now so when you go back to school you’ll be more anxious to get in the gym.

5. SHOP 


Go get a few shirts, or those pair of shoes you’ve been dying to get. But here’s the catch; you can’t wear them until classes start. This will not only make you more excited for the beginning of the  year but gives you something to look forward to.

6. Get Away


I don’t care how far away it is or what you do or how long you are gone; go on vacation. Don’t think of it as one last hoorah but as a celebration for a new school year.

These are just a few short tips on how I get prepared to go back to school. How do you get ready?

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