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A Letter To My Freshman Sister

Letters To My Freshman Sister

A Letter To My Freshman Sister

Becoming a freshman in college is a big step, especially If you’re an African American female .

Freshman year is a start of your young adult life.  Scared? Hell yeah I was scared just to go to summer orientation! But it was a little easier when move in day approached. I was still scared about my classes, along with other things that I know who ever reading this is nervous about but is scared to admit, and its okay because I’ve been there.  Some were lucky to go to school with their friends I thought, and looking at it now I’m glad I didn’t because I wouldn’t be as close to them now. (I love all 5 of you)

My freshman year (2012-2013) was full of ups and downs a lot of memories were made some good , some not so good..

First semester was great I met a lot of people, I had a 3.0, I was enjoying myself, I voted for the first time, I was beginning to mature and towards the end I also THOUGHT I met the love of my life…now things do change. By second semester I was being bullied by some of the people who I thought were my friends. I was depressed and put all my time and energy into my boyfriend at the time because he was my only friend. I got into a fight and a week or two  after that my grandfather passed away… I finished the semester and transferred.

Now you may think all of this is sad and it is…. but it has helped me grow! And May of 2016, a new chapter in my life will begin with one degree under my belt.

So to my freshman sister some of these things should help you:

  1. Pray
  2. Stay on top of your stuff ( check emails daily)
  3. Get help if needed
  4. Talk to someone if you think life is outta control
  5. Talk to your loved ones as much as you can
  6. Be smart with everything you say  or do
  7. STUDY
  8. Have plans, long term and short term goals.
  9. Make sure you have your own back
  10. Watch out for two-faced people, if they talk about people to you they will talk about you
  11. Stay away from Athletes and Greeks (not all are bad… but still…)
  12. Protect your reputation (people talk)
  13. Wear condoms!!!!!!!
  14. Be open minded
  15. Get involved within your school, find a club or something that interests you
  16. Don’t be a bully, you never know what people have going on back home or in general
  17. Wednesday’s & Friday’s in the café will make you gain weight fast.. its life
  18. Have as much fun as you possibly can , life will happen but you have to learn from it
  19. Graduate. (:

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