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Relationships vs. Relationshits


Relationships vs. Relationshits


Being 21 in this generation .. Is a blessing and a curse. I’ve been through more than the average 21 year old in the life of relationships…. enough to know the true difference between relationships & relationSHITS .

The way life is now and the way people’s mindset is set up is stupid af. Everyone doesn’t want to get hurt but they are the ones doing hurting to begin with it. It all boils down too them being scared of Karma (And let me tell you that bitch ain’t no joke)

And then there’s social media.

Social media is the number one problem today in relationSHITS, because it has everybody’s mind in a cloud of “what ifs”. Social media shows females what they should look like , and it shows males what their leading lady in their life should look like, what you should wear , how much money you should have , car , jewelry , hair , make up , etc .. It’s funny how that works right ? Because people don’t have a mind for themselves. & Almost every relationshit is based on something shallow like that and it doesn’t last… It never lasts… I’ve been there.

And there are always signs & red flags in a relationshit:

You deal with people who ain’t shit. When everything is bad but the sex , that should tell you something…. You have to be stronger than your hormones. When you’re playing the matching game… You know the game when your their words don’t match their actions… When you start losing sleep .. When the nigga doesn’t have the balls, to tell you his feelings changed. When you have to second guess if you’re pretty enough , skinny enough or pleasing enough ..  And sadly…. You’ll hear The Line: 

“you’re gona believe them bitches over me”?

& when you have to answer yes, you have a problem at hand. You can be in love with someone who doesn’t even give a rats ass about you .. And that hurts .. But you stay .. Because you think you can’t find better.  You want a relationship but in reality you’re in a relationshit…

I had to learn that you have to love yourself before anyone else does… You have to be true to yourself before someone can be true to you .

In a relationship, you should be with your best friend. Yall can talk about anything , vent, help each other out, be open & understanding, and have sympathy when needed as well as empathy. You need trustworthiness, honesty, loyalty, also you have to be open minded about your spouse, you have to grow together. Always be on the same page and when one is down don’t leave them .. And when you’re up don’t leave the one that was always down for you. Everything isn’t going to be all peaches and cream, they’ll be some speed bumps because everything isn’t perfect.

Now for me , if anybody was wondering 😜

I will never be in a relationshit ever again .. And in due time I will be in a relationship. I have to get to know me before I can get to know whoever on that type of level. The time isn’t right, and for me it’s all about time. Now there is someone in mind, with mutual feelings… but as of now Ima do what I have to do. And when the time is right and everything is in tact in my life , then and only then you will hear me talking more about real true love 😘

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