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I Tried To Workout Like Beyoncé For A Week, Here’s What Happened


I Tried To Workout Like Beyoncé For A Week, Here’s What Happened

Like many people on this round bouncing ball we call Earth, I am quite obsessed with the physique of the Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. Her abs are like some trippy anomaly, always taunting you and your flabbiness along with her perky tush that seems to defy all logic. So in the midst of my weird observation of the Queen, I decided to devise a workout plan for a week in the hopes of carving out a bootylicious bod just like hers.


For my first day I went out to the old back yard to get going with some cardio. Cardio is great for burning calories, burning fat, and also warming up your muscles for strength training. I’m a fan of the elliptical so I went at it on a heavy resistance for 15 mins. After, I decided to focus on abs and tone my tummy like Bey with these moves:

  • 50 Crunches
  • 50 Russian Twists
  • 50 Side Crunches (both sides)

(Repeat 3 times)



Next I wanted to go in on the honey buns, so I prepared for the infamous Leg Day! What’s great about Beyoncé is she manages to stay fit all while keeping her lovely lady curves. I personally prefer my legs to stay on the thicker side so lower body strength training is key! I even decided to video tap this once because I was “Feelin’ Myself” that much (see what I did there). My resistance band was purchased at Wally World aka Walmart! It was less than $10. My dumbbells used today were 5 lbs each! Again can be found at Walmart. And I was a Backyardigan, so this all occurred at my house in da back yard!



I woke up a bunch of sore muscles and pure agony! It hurt to sit and to move Lawd, Jesus! But the good thing about it was that means my muscles were in recovery mode to grow back even stronger. Under Beyoncé’s motivation I had seriously worked out my lower body, so much that I had to take a smooth chill pill on Day Three. When you feel your body is too sore to train how you usually do, DO NOT PUSH IT. Overworking your muscles can lead to strain, and trust me that feels even worse than soreness. And so, I took it easy and did a light 30 mins to warm up my muscles and loosen up some of that tension.



Day four is all about the arms. Although Beyoncé’s not walking around with major guns, she still has some pretty toned arms. To defeat the jiggle I began with a jog around my neighborhood (about 1 and 1/2 miles) and used my trusty 5lb dumbbells. Contrary to popular belief it is not about the size of the weight, but about repetition and good form. Sure, you can start off with 25-pounders but you’ll probably only be able to do 1-2 reps in good form, (unless you have trained up to that weight size). So until then keep it light and focus on muscle control!



By day five I was ready to hit legs again, and I decided to get a little creative. After some cardio on the elliptical I went after a spare tire in my backyard for some tire flips! Such a quick way to work not only your lower body, but your abs and arms too! It’s like a buy one get two free deal who can beat that?

  • 20 tire flips
  • 45 secs of jump squats
  • 10 single leg deadlifts w/ 10lb weight

Repeat 2-3 times

After a week of my “Tryna Be Like Bey” series I honestly felt great! I had proven that I could push myself even harder than I thought, and it helped to know that I was working towards a specific goal. Now I know my body will never exactly look like Beyoncé’s, but she definitely gave me some much needed motivation to look that much better during beach season. Thanks Bey!


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