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WORLD STOP: Beyoncé & Nicki are “Feelin’ Themselves”


WORLD STOP: Beyoncé & Nicki are “Feelin’ Themselves”

Today Queen Bey dropped another bomb on us all with the release of the music video for “Feelin’ Myself” with her newly crowned bestie Nicki Minaj. Now I just knew something was coming because Bey has been hitting the social media intentional or not with all her fashionable appearances lately. To me that means the Queen is stirring something up for the hive, and maybe this release on is just the beginning…..

So, if you haven’t seen it because you are struggling over if you should become a Tidal subscriber, or support your own household do not fret. You asked for the bootleg man to come through, and behold he did! Someone of course leaked the precious gem online here:

“Feelin’ Myself” Music Video👈👀 (you might want to get on it before Bey’s team shuts it down, you know how they do)


The video shows these too beauties seemingly having the time of their lives in delicious fashion surrounded in playful scenery. I don’t know how many grown women some how look sexy in kiddie pools, parking garages and bouncy houses, but of course these two curvy Queens find a way! And if you ever questioned if Bey was hood, I think you might reconsider after watching. She proudly sported her RGC (Ratchet Girl Card 😏✊) and maybe it took a tango with Nicki Minaj for her to really use it.

Nicki was of course holding her own against Bey, probably the only female artist today that could do so. So claps for her 👏. In their best friend-ness, whether it all be for show or not, I got this strong “You Can’t Sit With Us” ✋😒vibe. But that of course only made me want to sit with them more 😖😫!

But this video also brings up the issue of supporting Tidal, or not supporting Tidal. Jay-Z acquired Tidal from its previous company, and relaunched it as an exclusive streaming service that provides fans with thousands of videos and millions of tracks, all in prime high definition. In order to incite attention towards Tidal, many big name artists such as Beyoncè, Nicki Minaj, and Madonna agreed to become public stake holders in the service. And with all the propaganda such as the #TIDALforALL teaser video, people are all a-buzz 🐝🐝 (especially since they keep releasing stuff non-members cannot freakin’ see!)

But that membership fee has made us all PAUSE 😐

Some ask, why give more money to people like Jay and Bey who can buy my life, my mom’s life, and my slave ancestor’s life. Well to me personally as a fellow musician, I think it’s great. For a long time, artists have barely scraped by making money off of their music alone. If you think Bey, or whatever other artist you like, is making it buy selling just their music you are being fooled. No one buys CD’s, no one cares about the iTunes Store when there’s Pandora, Spotify, and illegal downloading from YouTube. Artists make money touring, endorsing other companies, making appearances, selling clothes, selling hair, selling make-up, etc…. So for me, to invest in a business that strictly focuses on the talent they should be making money off of in the first place, I’m all for it!

Now, whenever I find the time to dedicate $9.99-$19.99 to this site on a college kid’s salary, is to be unsaid. BUT just know I’m not against the idea of And if they keep pulling my leg and releasing new Beyoncè, I may just give in. They making me and the rest of us broke bee-hivers look bad 😒🙈🚫🐝😭


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