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The Grammy’s 2015 (In List Form Of Course)


The Grammy’s 2015 (In List Form Of Course)

So the Grammy’s happened this past Sunday and sparked a TON of conversation. There was so much that happened I didn’t even bother to try and shove it all into one sitting. So instead, since I have this blog, I’ve decided to write it all out (yay!)

1. Rihanna’s Dress There have been so many jokes and memes. She literally stepped one foot on the red carpet and the internet exploded. Hmmm…. now, seeing as Rihanna is quite known for ‘breaking’ the internet with her outfits, do you people actually think she had no idea what she was doing? In my mind, Rihanna wanted to make a statement. Being best dressed only feels so good for so long…. you want people to remember you. And for sure no one will think of the 2015 Grammy’s without thinking of her dress. So mission accomplished Riri! Now did I like the dress? Of course not, but I’m quite sure that doesn’t matter lol


2. Sam Smith I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE Sam Smith. It actually makes no sense. His album was insane and he is utterly and unapologetically authentic, which I admire. I could write a whole blog on his voice and songwriting alone and maybe I will, but anyways I was so proud of him. Although he beat out some amazing nominees I would be lying if I said he hasn’t had a great year and is actually producing some fabulous music that deserves recognition.


3. Katy Perry and The Domestic Violence Tribute I was almost brought to tears during this segment, but then I remembered I’m a G and we don’t do such things. Anyways, the words from Brooke Axtell who performed with Perry as a survivor of domestic violence was very moving. I also appreciated seeing Katy less colorful and poppy and more contained. It looked like she was really connecting to the song which I can appreciate way more than if the notes are right or wrong. I also liked how she kind of touched back on her gospel roots as she sang “By The Grace of God.” It was a nice side of Katy to see.


4. Black Lives Matter…. Even At The Grammy’s Shoutout to Prince, Pharell, and Beyoncé for using the stage of the Grammy’s to bring our attention to a movement that is still very important and should not be forgotten about. The media can very quickly make America forget about tragedy, especially the tragedy of racism, and we are cursed with having a very short attention span. But it takes it being constantly mentioned for it to stick, it’s not something that will ever be comfortable to talk about or hear about, and that’s exactly why we have to keep doing it. So Kudos!


5. The Grammy’s Cannot Categorize Black Music Idk if it’s just me, but these categories were just mind-blowing. For example I still do not know what genre Urban Contemporary is, but whatever it is it, it probably still does not warrant Jhene Aiko and Beyoncé being in the same category. I furthermore do not understand how Beyoncé, Ledisi, and Pharrell ended up together in the R&B category. Believe it or not, black artists are not just making R&B and even if they were once upon a time, if the album/single is pop then the work should be nominated as such. I’m sorry but there’s no way Ledisi’s music and Chris Brown’s make sense in the same category. THERE’S NO WAY! The Grammy’s cannot continue to group it all together or make up random genres just give credit where it is properly due.


6. The Fact That Rap As A Whole Was Shaded I understand that there are a lot of grammy nominations, some of which are not aired on tv but rather awarded during the pre-show. But in my opinion, rap is such a big genre in America right now regardless if you like it or don’t like it. It just makes no sense to me that the rap categories were just completely left out of the Grammy’s airing. Of course once again, the some of the nominations were just odd but eliminating that portion of the show is just a horrible idea.


7. Beyoncé’s ‘Precious Lord’ Okay so y’all know I love Beyoncé but I promise not to be too biased. So first and foremost did Beyoncé do a good job vocally? Yes. She was probably the best vocal performance in the entire show because she actually knows something about vocal control. For my ears personally, that is the true sign of a good singer. Now, a lot of people are complaining that it was ‘uninspired’ or that it she didn’t feel it enough. Here’s what I have to say about that:

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Telecast

Beyoncé decided to sing a type of song most people aren’t used to hearing her sing. She stepped into the gospel world and those who are lovers of gospel music have a different connection to the song she performed and all have different expectations about how the song should go.

Gospel music is mostly about that, the connections and the feelings. I don’t believe Beyoncé could have ever pleased those who have grown up knowing that song, simply because she is a mainstream secular artist. I personally appreciated her courage in actually performing something like that because I’m sure she knew the backlash was coming.

But for me to say that Beyoncé didn’t feel it enough is not my place, for all I know she could have went off stage and broke into tears and cried and worshipped in her own space because she felt what she was singing. Singing about God is a intimate thing in my opinion so its not always about who’s watching you or who’s in the audience, sometimes you just want to sing to for no one else but a higher being. For one minute, she had the opportunity to sing for no one else but one person. So the fact that you didn’t feel it doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, but maybe it was never meant for you in the first place.

I don’t really understand how people can be so ready to tear someone down for singing about God? Isn’t that a contradiction? But hey whatever.

8. Four Five Seconds From Wildin’ I really enjoyed this performance more so because it felt like those three, Rihanna, Kanye, and Sir Paul were just literally having a jam session and we happened to peak in on it. There was no choreo, no organization it was literally just music so I was definitely down for that ride. And I also really like the song and thought the collab was great.


9. Football Players That Can’t Read I don’t know much about Football and actually do not even know his name, but you all know exactly what i’m talking about. You sir have set us back a few hundred years….


10. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEEEE. Lady Gaga is a true performer and that showed as she worked not even half a stage with the great Tony Bennett. I’ve always loved that she has a very Broadway, classic kind of sound and she too is an amazing vocalist. It was very nice to see her without all the antics and simply singing ‘Cheek to Cheek’.


11. Kanye Stands Up For Bey I actually thought his fake Taylor Swift recreation with Beck was kind of funny, maybe Beck didn’t but…. anyways I commend Kanye for saying what he wanted about Beyonce’s loss. Album of the Year is a tough category and this year the nominees all had ridiculous albums, well actually I’ve never heard Beck’s music so I’ll have to come back to that one but still, it was going to be a tough call either way. Yes I would have loved for Bey to win, but I would have been equally happy if anyone else would have won… well anyone else who wasn’t Beck.


Yep that’s all I can remember for now, but definitely comment and spark a debate with me if you must!


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