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6 Reasons You Low Key Want Kanye To Be Your Best Friend


6 Reasons You Low Key Want Kanye To Be Your Best Friend

Everyone wants a best friend, it’s somewhat of a right of passage since like kindergarten (by the way I always thought this word was spelled like kinder garden until right now) And since the Grammy’s this past Sunday I discovered that Kanye West is low key the best best friend you could probably have. Here’s why:

1. He Will Dress You Much like he has done for his wife Kim Kardashian West. The gown she wore Sunday was hand picked by none other than Kanye himself. And even on the days he doesn’t dress you, you’ll always be trying to match his effortless fly therefore propelling your own style game forward. Thus, Kanye is still indirectly dressing you 😊


2. No Matter How Much You Don’t Fit In Somewhere, Because You’re With Kanye You Get A Free Pass Take Kim for example once more… she’s not a musician, not necessarily an actress or a model, but she’s on the red carpet and sitting in front row seats at the Grammy’s, VMA’s, etc because of who? Kanye, you guessed it. No one will ever question you if you’re with Kanye. You could go to anyone’s party, sit at anyone table, it doesn’t matter. Kanye is the password for every door you can’t get into on your own And you might suddenly find yourself with your own fame!👍👫💫


3. He Is Your Walking Inner Voice Kanye gets a lot of flack for speaking whatever the heck is on his mind, but most times he’s just saying the things you are to afraid to say yourself. So instead of having to worry about keeping all those politically incorrect thoughts in, you’d actually have someone who will say them all for you… and take the heat!🙊🔥🔥🔥

Grammy Awards

4. No Matter How Sad You Feel, You’ll Always Look Happier Than Him 😐👈 Sometimes I get so annoyed when I’m upset and people ask what’s wrong. I know that sounds bad, but sometimes you’re just having a bad day and are in an icky mood and don’t want to say why. But if Kanye was your best friend no one would ask anymore because just by standing next to him you look a thousand times happier by default. Automatic mood lift.😬


5. He Will Inspire You To Love Yourself It was world known fact that Kanye loves and believes in himself, but those are not always such bad things. If he were your best friend he’d only inspire you to do the same. Everyone needs a little push towards better self esteem, and having Kanye at your side would definitely be a step in the right direction 😘☺️❤️❤️❤️


6. (Here’s the BEST One) He Will Stand Up For You Like No One Else Will Case in point, Beyoncé. Kanye is not ashamed to stand up for his very talented friend. When he feels she has been snubbed or denied something that is rightfully hers, he throws a fit for her. 1. Because he knows she works her tush off and 2. Because he knows she probably won’t say anything upon her snubbing. That’s what best friends are for! You’re best friend should stop at nothing to defend you, especially when you aren’t up to doing it yourself. 🙌🙌🙌🙌 kanye-west-shrug-taylor-swift-610x457


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