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I had the pleasure of seeing this film with my uncle in Queens, NY.

At first when I heard about this picture I said to myself “Here’s another bio pic about Martin Luther King Jr, been there done that.” I automatically didn’t have interest, and that’s me just being honest. I allowed myself to overlook it, ignoring the relevance a movie like this has in our country at this day and age. I was “distracted” and more eager to see the variety of regurgitated comedy and drama plaguing the theaters.

I still wasn’t going to see it until today when my grandmother urged me. By then I’d heard great things about it, but still in my head I’m thinking “Of course it’s good it’s a MLK bio pic with a cast of black gold.”

But suddenly on my way to the theatre, walking side my side with my uncle, I got excited. And after seeing the film I should have been excited a long time ago.

It was purely inspiring. It was emotional… And not just because it depicted brutalities faced by black people or the clear disregard for their human rights, it was emotional because it made me think of right now. It made me think of just how powerful an organized group with the same fight in their hearts can be.

I still feel moved on my ride home. Selma makes you want to do something and stand for something if you’ve simply been a passenger or apart of the fight by association. I couldn’t event regard it as a movie half the time because I was literally taken to another place and state of mind for 2 hours.

Some movies are for entertainment. Some make you cry and then rescue you with a plot ending or witty comic figure. Some movies open your eyes and leave you uneasy. That movie is Selma.

If you haven’t seen it, or think it’s just another bio pic, invest yourself. Don’t be overly analytical or critical, just be.

For me, it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen because I feel changed. David Oyelowo did a great job as Martin and so did Carmen Ejogo as Coretta. There have been comments about the factual nature of the film, which may or may not be true but to me the effect of the overall picture was still very successful.

Of course this is purely my opinion, and others may say otherwise but I encourage you to see it.

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