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Men’s Health Circuit Workout: A Must Try!


Men’s Health Circuit Workout: A Must Try!

‘Tis the season of wintery weather, oversized bubble jackets, scarfs, and those cute little hats with the pom poms! And while we rejoice and be glad in it, let’s not forget the impending summer season soon to be knocking on our front doors. Now is the best time to start shedding a few pounds and get ready for that flawless beach bod you’ve been dreaming of! And boy, do we have the perfect workout to get you started!

The Men’s Health Circuit Workout will leave you on your knees begging for sweet mercy! Well okay, it’s not that scary. It’s challenging but not crazy like other workout DVDs. It’s practically strategic repetition of simple body weight exercises which is great for calorie burning and fat loss. Each move only lasts 15 secs or 1 min before you switch to the next move, and you do the entire 10 min workout 3 times. So right when you’re about to break, its over.

Get ready to be sore! The next day I could barely sit due to my rear and hamstrings, but I did more work in that one session than I ever pushed myself to do on a leg day so I was quite proud of myself. I’m really looking for lower body definition and this did not disappoint.

Here are some key workouts from the video that you can do at home, feel free to google if unfamiliar:

Goblet Squats
1 min, 3 sets
Dumbbell Swings
1 min, 3 sets
Three-way Lunges
15 secs each leg, 3 sets
Mountain Climbers
15 secs, 3 sets
Glute Bridges
15 secs, 3 sets
Dumbbell Rows
15 secs each arm, 3 sets
T Planks
15 secs alternating, hold for 15 secs

Don’t cheat yourself! Really do the workouts and you’ll feel a difference. Try it first thing in the morning, the endorphins after will put you in a great mood to start the day!

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