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A Basic Wardrobe Is The Best Wardrobe: Basic Items Every Girl Should Own!


A Basic Wardrobe Is The Best Wardrobe: Basic Items Every Girl Should Own!

I believe what you wear is pretty much the first and biggest representation of yourself. It is your own walking personal statement. It tells people who you are, what you’re capable of, and even more what your standards are. People tell me all the time I overdress, but in all actuality I’m just obsessed with expressing myself and if I can do that with a few items of clothing a day, I am a happy camper.

Now, just because I love clothes doesn’t mean I’m stupid about spending on them. I’m an unemployed college junior…. enough said. So I’ve recently adopted a technique on how to get the most for my buck when it comes to my wardrobe.

Here’s the technique… BE BASIC.

This phrase comes with a lot of negative connotations, I know. But this is the one of the few times it’s actually okay to be basic, because the best wardrobe is built off of what? The basics!

So what exactly are the basics? Here are a few basic items to help build your wardrobe (in no specific order):

  • Short sleeved v-necks (black and white for sure, maybe one in a color)
  • Long sleeved tees (black and white for sure)
  • Solid crop tops
  • Solid camisole
  • A dark colored blazer
  • Leggings, leggings, and more leggings (I always buy two pairs in black any time I’m wardrobe shopping. Stay away from any with patterns, so no Hello Kitty or tribal print NONE OF THAT)
  • White button down
  • Solid Infinity scarf
  • Black hat (Bowler, Pork pie pick one)
  • Solid pencil skirt
  • Solid skater skirt
  • Over the knee socks
  • High waisted pants (one pair black/dark wash jean, and another pair light wash jean)
  • High waisted shorts (one pair black, one pair denim)
  • Solid basic maxi dress (the ones that look like an extended tank top or tee. No flowers, bows, rhinestones, etc)
  • Tights (sheer black, solid black)
  • Solid cardigan
  • Denim button down
  • Solid Blouse (two or three, these are the fancy shirts)
  • Two solid knit sweaters
  • Solid baby doll dress

Now you’ll notice a lot of these items are solid. Why? Because solid clothes are your best friends. These are the items you can pair with so many different things. You can’t wear a graphic tee twice in one week because someone will remember that graphic. But a black v-neck? You can practically get away with fashion murder in that thing.

And no, you don’t need to get all of these in one sitting. Maybe one day you pick up a few basic bottoms and the next your basic tops. Or tackle it all during a shopping spree. It’s all up to you! And the best part? Basic items are always the cheapest no matter where you go!

From these basics, you can spread your wings into patterns and statement clothes that pop. You’ll never pick up something again and say “This is cute but I have nothing to wear with it (sad face)” Plus, a lot of this stuff can stick around as the seasons change if paired correctly.

So good luck gals! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Basic Shoes!

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