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Yogurt Pre-poo & Wash Day Routine


Yogurt Pre-poo & Wash Day Routine

I’m quite new to this community, however I wanted to share my wash day experience for today (which I just finished) and open the floor for any wash day suggestions and comments. Also, I have type 4a natural hair but this post is for all natural types!

So first I pre-pooed with 3/4 cup of plain yogurt, about a tbsp of castor oil, and maybe two tbsp of coconut oil (I’m not specific to measurements so add as little or as much as you want). I mixed all ingredients in a regular bowl and applied to my hair already in six sections. *If you plan to use this pre-poo recipe, you may want to leave your yogurt out to warm. If it’s cold it will revert the coconut oil back to its solid form, which makes the mixture gritty and a bit harder to apply) After applying I put a plastic bag on my head (I left my plastic caps at school and didn’t feel like making a store run) and allowed that sit for 1 hour. Note, you will smell like yogurt so prepare for that.  Another note, I decided to use this recipe for adding light protein to my hair.

Next I washed out my yogurt-oil mix and applied Tresummé Naturals to each of my six sections while detangling with a wide tooth comb. I don’t really use shampoo because I don’t know the best kind yet, and have heard they are drying. So co-washes, co-washes and more co-washes.

I left the deep conditioner in for about two hours, which is the longest I’ve deep conditioned so far. I only did it this long because I was hungry so I cooked some chicken and watched a movie….

Anyways, after that I washed the conditioner out of each section again detangling with my comb. Following, I dried my hair with a t-shirt and applied coconut oil and a bit of Cantu leave in conditioner. Next I applied some Eco Styler (the kind with the red top) section by section, and finger combed to define my curls. This is also the first time I’ve just used Eco Styler and I was quite happy with the results, I even had less shrinkage so yay for that! However my hair did get a little crunchy after it dried, but crunchy hair doesn’t really bother me that much I still have a TWA so no big deal.

So that’s about it for today’s wash routine. I will say that I plan to pre-proo more often because my hair is usually pretty dry and a little tough to detangle, and I read it helps combat that. I didn’t really notice an extreme difference with detangling but my hair did feel pretty soft. Thanks for reading! Comment any suggestions or thoughts!



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