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Tips for Achieving The Perfect Selife: Take Your Selfie Game From 0 to 100 Real Quick


Tips for Achieving The Perfect Selife: Take Your Selfie Game From 0 to 100 Real Quick

The infamous selfie has taken pop culture by storm as we are all aware. You pretty much can’t live your life without having attempted a selfie, whether you’re alone in your room or awkwardly capturing yourself in public. But lately, the quality of selfie has skyrocketed and you may find yourself struggling to catch up. Have no fear, below I have given my own personal tips for achieving the perfect selfie *results may vary**

img_5570-e14188649854151. LIGHTING, LIGHTING, LIGHTINGGGGGG

I really don’t think I can stress this enough. Gone are the days when your bedroom light or even your bathroom light cuts it. The best light comes from the sun believe it or not. Try taking a selfie with your phone facing a window as the golden rays shine through, or attempt it while in the front seats of your car (please be parked!)  or if its night time and your in a selfie mood, turn that desk lamp on you and have some fun! *see Ciara selfie*

2. Angles

I personally try to stay away from any angle where my phone is below my chin, 9 times out of 10 your face will look huge! Stick to straight on or angles with your phone positioned slightly above your forehead.

3. Be BEAT.

Another option that usually guarantees a poppin’ selfie…. beat yo’ face! And by “beat” I mean apply some make-up, contour a little if you got skills. And who cares if you put on make-up just to take one selfie? I myself have been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

4. Fleek” Your Eyebrows

What if you don’t feel like doing your whole face? Fleek (is this a verb? probably not) them eyebrows. You’d be surprised how important eyebrows can be nowadays, I literally see pictures and all the person has going for them are some ridiculously poppington eyebrows. I personally am a fan of filling them in, *Bon Qui Qui voice*but don’t get crazy. (fleek at your own risk)

5. A Good Lip

Apply a wonderful lip color before selfie-taking! It seems like darker colors and reds always show up the best and don’t forget that pencil!

screen-shot-2014-12-17-at-7-01-04-pm6. Whipped Hair

And no I’m not talking Willow. Gorgeous hair in any form (permed, pressed, natural, locked, etc) can steal the show in any selfie!

7. Accessories

Do you have one of those Heisenberg from Breaking Bad hats (aka a Pork Pie?) Yeah, throw that on real quick. Are you Mr. Nice Watch? Or Mrs. Nice Bracelets? Throw those on real quick. *see Angela Simmons seflie*

8. Use Your Hands

Softly use your hands to frame your face, play with your hair or to make a nice, stylish gesture. Get Creative!

9. Wear a Shirt That Says Something

You can never go wrong with some good ol’ fashion HBCU paraphernalia (my personal fav). Are you involved in some other organization your
followers recognize? Got a shirt that shows you support a cause or has a strong statement? Or even one with a nice name brand on it…. slap that bad boy on.

10. Include a Cute Friend/Significant Other

Nothing’s more adorable than a selfie for two (especially if he/she is a cutie pie) and you get bonus points when “bae” makes an appearance!

11. Attempt the Open Mouth Smile

Covergirl. Colgate commercial. Whatever you need to channel… channel it. The open-mouth smile gets them every time. People may wonder Just what are they so darn happy about? But I’m living proof it makes for a flawless selfie *see Keke Palmer selfie*screen-shot-2014-12-17-at-7-29-24-pm

12. Attempt the “Laying in Bed” Selfie

Now the Laying in Bed selfie is so famous because it pretty much defies all physics. For one, you can pretty much mold your hair to do whatever you want it to do, gravity virtually doesn’t exist. So all of a sudden there’s a bit more bounce to those curls or curve to those waves. Also, its a pretty great cleavage shot (for those who are wanting to be a bit spicy) again gravity defied. And typically the lighting is always directly behind your phone which is quite grand.

13. Filters Are Your Friend

Don’t be cocky, everyone can use a little filter love. Stay subtle with your friend Valencia or be bold with Brannan. Play with blurring, contrast, brightness, don’t be shy!

14. If at First You Don’t Succeed…. Dust Yourself Off & Try It Again

No one usually gets it on the first try. I have at least 30 other selfie outtakes before I land on the right one. It’s all trial and error. Be patient with yourself! You’ll hit it when you least expect it.

And those are my classified tips for the perfect selfie. Thanks for reading and may the lighting be ever in your favor!

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